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  1. S

    Best Body Scrub and Body Butter Vessel that's not plastic

    Hi there, I want to start selling body scrubs and body butter but don't want to use plastic vessels like the common ones that are being used. I'm currently looking into using aluminum cans but I'm worried it will rust or leak or using glass (mason jar but then there's a silicone suction in the...
  2. Dblondi03

    Body Butter

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know a winning recipe for body butter containing jojoba oil, unrefined Shea butter, vitamin E, arrowroot powder and essential oil / fragrance oil? 🧈 Thank you!
  3. S

    My whipped body butter turns chalky and hard after just an hour of being fluffy?!

    Hi there! I'm new to making whipped body butters, and I have done three trials so far. My third trial has been the most successful. However, after just an hour of being fluffy and applying smoothly (and being piped into air-tight mason jars), it turned chalky and basically solidified!! Now, I...