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  1. S

    New to soap making 2nd batch ever

    Hello amazing and intelligent soap makers, I am new to soap making and yesterday was my first attempt in making organic homemade soap. And I would like to know where I went wrong? i was making turmeric, ginger & Honey soap. I used the heat transfer method to melt the hard butters and oils...
  2. Wynona Genesis

    What oils to use?

    Hi! I am new here and also new in soapmaking, is it ok to use Coconut Cooking Oil and Palm Cooking Oil in my soap recipe?
  3. L

    Castile Soap not tracing

    I used a recipe from another soap maker for my first batch. It has been over an hour and the soap still has not come to a trace and looks like a soup. It is olive oil-based and I know these types of soap can take longer to trace. What can I do to help get it to a trace? Is there anything I can...