What oils to use?

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Pay attention to which Coconut oil you are using and choose accordingly in the lye calculator.

If it's the liquid kind for frying, that always stays liquid, that is Fractionated Coconut Oil. It has a higher SAP value (meaning it requires more lye to saponify) and acompletely different Fatty Acid profile from the other types of CO

The other two you will find on your lye calculator are 76° and 92°, which stands for the melting point of the oil. Most solid CO stocked in grocery store shelves, is 76° (at least in the US, I cannot vouch for the Phillipines) and it melts easily in the jar in a warm kitchen. The 92° CO is hydrogenated to give it a higher melting point. In the US, I have never seen this version in a grocery store, but some soap suppliers sell it.
Please follow @earlene advice because if you don't get the SAP value right then you won't have the right amount of lye. You will end up with a batch of unusable soap.

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