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  1. T

    Recipe for natural Foaming Bath Whip?

    I’m looking for a recipe for the most natural foaming bath whip. I would like it to be as natural as possible and contain a lot of butters, any ideas?
  2. BriannanSilva

    Is this recipe okay?

    I’ve been making soap for a little over a year now, but I’m just starting to really get into it. How does this recipe look to you? I used to use 50% coconut oil and had no idea why my soap was so drying! Now that I know better I’m using much less. Thanks guys!
  3. Niecee

    Soap Frosting

    Hi I'm fairly new to soap making but I finally decided to try my hand in soap cupcakes and frosting. So guidance is needed lol. Question what is a good starter recipe for the frosting do I use my regular base recipe, do I add more butters? Most importantly do I avoid gel phase and pop it in the...