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  1. Dwilson9

    How to enhance fragrance in bath bombs

    How do i enhance the scent of my bathbombs? is there an ingredient i can add? things i should look for in a fragrance oil? are there maybe fragrance oils in powder form?.. so i don’t max out my wet ingredient percentage trying to make scent stronger by adding more of the FO. are there different...
  2. Dwilson9

    Food grade, Cosmetic grade, Pharmaceutical grade.

    When it comes to ingredients 'grades', which is best for bath bombs? I would have assumed pharmaceutical grade would be better because of purity, but is it? Is it even safe? I was reading somewhere that some food grade ingredients are better suited as opposed to the cosmetic grade of the same...
  3. Dwilson9

    Bathbomb Ingredients

    What ingredients do you use? What TYPE of ingredients do you need? - Emulisers? (I think that’s how you spell it) - Surfacants - Carrier oils - Essential oils - Colourants - Solubilisers - Bicarb/Citric - Fragrance What other ‘TYPES’? Should I use Unrefined or Refined ingredients? - Cocoa...
  4. F

    Making Bath Bombs with Witch Hazel instead of Rubbing Alcohol?

    Hello! I’m new here and also kind of new to bath bomb making. I’ve been using Dean Wilson’s videos on YouTube to make my bath bombs. He uses Rubbing Alcohol as one of his wet ingredients, but I wanted to add Witch Hazel instead. So I added my wet ingredients together in another container...
  5. C

    Help with bath bombs

    Hi all I have recently started to perfect a recipe for making bath bombs. I have done research and looked at the type of bomb I want to create but I am really struggling to get it right. I have tried so much but it's not how I want it to be.. I want them to fizz but foam and for bursts of...
  6. Molly Boggess

    Problems with itching/irritation in Bath Powder... what could it be?

    Hello all! First of all, I'd like to thank you all for the wealth of information on this forum! I wouldn't have been able to get to where I am now without all of your tips and tricks. I've been messing around and creating my own batches of an all natural fizzing "bath powder", basically a...
  7. Misschief

    Sidelines/Add-ons/Bath & Body

    Those of you who sell your wares at markets, do you also sell other bath & body items? There are a couple other body care vendors at the market I sell at but they concentrate primarily on natural skin care (face creams, hand creams, body/facial sprays, serums, etc.) In my case, I sell my soaps...
  8. J

    FLOATING Bath Bombs?

    Does anyone here have any real information on what makes a bath bomb float vs sink? I've been making hearty sinkers for a while now but I'm curious to see if I can make floaters! I use coconut oil and rubbing alcohol as my liquid, I use cornstarch as I've heard that can help it float but I'm...
  9. J

    What Are Your Favourite Dyes and Colourants?

    I'm wondering what everyone's favourite dyes and colourants are for use in Bath Bombs! I'm currently trying to perfect my recipe but the colourants are something that I'm stumped on.. mainly which ones are good and where to buy them! Especially where to buy them. Anyone want to share their...
  10. H

    Help, colorant not mixing in water for bath bombs

    Hi, I've been making bath bombs for a year now and am having this problem for the first time. I typically make mine with citric acid, baking soda, coconut oil, essential oils, and food coloring from Kroger (like baking coloring) These all worked fine aside from the colors being dull sometimes...
  11. Soapandso

    Slippery Butters!

    Good morning, I have been making creamers and bath products with Shea and cocoa butter in for a while but I wandered if there was a way to prevent the butter from sitting in the bath, maybe disperse it to prevent your bath from being slippery afterwards? I am certainly very confused ...
  12. P

    A bath to help cure insomnia?

    Hello all! I'm new to this forum and I'm trying to help cure my sleep issues one step at a time and I'm now giving baths a go to see if it can help me relax and detoxify. I developed insomnia after an operation last year and now I would just like to get back on with regular life; not waking up...
  13. Soapandso

    Bath Bomb Cupcake

    Hi there, I ahve been trying to make a melt and pour soap that I can have as a scrub soap (with sugar) and pipe onto the top of bath bomb bases. I think I use foaming bath butter with melt and pour for a piped soap that hardens but do you know how much sugar I add and will it remain in a state...
  14. bridgetmoon

    Bath Melt Problem!! lol

    Hi Everyone. Been ages since i been on here but i been working on bath melts lately and the problem is, they're made from: Shea Butter Coconut Oil Palm Oil Lavender Oil + Lavender Seeds and liquid dye. So I popped them in the fridge as per usual. Took them out, thought i'd leave them...