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  1. M

    EU: Product information file

    Hello everybody, I relatively new to soapmaking (and this forum) and want to start a small business to pay for my hobby. I am currently testing the recipes/fragrances/micas I want to use and am looking into how to actually sell my products. However, to sell cold process soaps legally in the EU...
  2. Techie Joe

    First batch - smells like a sweaty Yak

    Okay so I didn't use any fragrance, I wanted the soap to be all natural, here is what happened... I made the recipe using SoapCalc, with Olive oil, Coconut and Castor oil. Full info in the picture below. After taking a whiff of the soap mixture cooking away I decided to lob in a small bottle of...
  3. NaturallyYou

    Looking for ideas...

    I tried to find a good recipe for my 1lb mold - and have a few ideas but was wondering if anyone is willing to share their percentages? I have coconut oil, castor oil, and almond oil to use... Any suggestions? Should I add in a different type of oil or take out any? This is my first time...
  4. L

    Large Batches of Goat Milk Soap

    We are wanting to increase production from 5 lb batches to 10 lb batches. I understand I can mix a lye water solution, but want to keep approx. 1 oz of milk per bar. Has anyone ever had any issues mixing this much lye and goat milk together? We currently freeze our goat milk and mix with the...