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  1. soapythekid

    Bars Keep Cracking When Cut

    Hi all, I am having a problem on a consistent basis and I can't figure out what's causing it. When I cut my bars, they fracture and crack. Usually the bottom corner breaks off but sometimes it's a bigger chunk of the bottom half. Please see attached photos. The middle of the bars have all these...
  2. QuanahRose

    How cut bars from 10" x 3 5/8" x 2.25" loaf?

    This is a blue silicone mold with ribs on the outside (from Brambleberry). I'm not sure how best to cut bars. 1x5x2.5 seems an odd size to me. Any ideas about other options would be appreciated. TIA
  3. S

    Playing With Salt Bars

    I love salt bars! :smile: This soap is scented with Sweet Cake's Snow place like home FO. I used 8 different colors of mica to swirl with.
  4. ZandarKoad

    Three Soaps on Display

    They are still curing, but my boys decided they would show off the three types we made so far. The yellow one is plain jane, all natural - no smells, no spells (colors). The green has some oxides and eucalyptus. The black is the charcoal, no smells. I like the last one. It...