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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    New (Botanical) Vegan Soaps Girl

    Hello all, I have been an amateur soaper for a a few years and loving it! Although I dabble mostly in hot and cold processed bar soaps. my repertoire also includes just a few adventures with cream and liquid soaps. As my username might suggest, my adventures often involve botanicals, mostly...
  2. Black Cherry Soap #2

    Black Cherry Soap #2

    Black Cherry Soap #2. Small batch (2 bars) of soap made with black cherries for SCC Food & Drink challenge. Method described in this thread: https://www.soapmakingforum.com/threads/black-cherries-soap.75512/
  3. Black Cherries & Paprika - aka Black Cherries Soap #3

    Black Cherries & Paprika - aka Black Cherries Soap #3

    Made for SCC June 2019 challenge, advanced category, using 1:8 ratio of food to oils. I puréed the cherries, prepared natural colorants, created the water replacement drinks from scratch & made this soap via CPOP. Smells divine, like baked goods, no added fragrance. Link https://tinyurl.com/yxmkwecl
  4. B

    Using beer as your liquid

    Hi everyone! I am fairly new here and have been making soap for about 4 months now, both bar and liquid, so I am no where near a expert! I have been reading some recipes where they are using beer as the liquid. My question is; what benefits are there from using beer in your soap? I am in need...