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  1. Misschief

    Calling all Sourdough Bakers

    I was listening to CBC radio this morning (the Current) and one of the topics was sourdough bread. The interviewee was talking about a Sourdough Science Project. It was a fascinating interview (link included, skip to about the 42 minute mark of Part 2). I decided to join in; I already have a 3...
  2. Misschief

    What did YOU do today?

    Weekends are my unwind time; anyone who knows me knows that one of my favourite ways to unwind is to spend time in my kitchen. It's 2:00 p.m. now and so far today I've: Made Rhubarb Cobbler with rhubarb from the garden Made two loaves of Sourdough Whole Wheat bread Made a batch of biscuits to...