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  1. elurah

    Zany's Faux Seawater in other recipes

    Hi all, I was really intrigued by Zany's faux seawater with sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate, and I am wondering if folks have used this in any non-castille/bastille recipes. I am always looking for new ways to boost lather/cut down on sliminess in milder, low cleansing # bars. I am...
  2. Lankan

    Citrates : The Chemistry behind..

    I've read about ions of sodium & potassium Citrates improving the soap by reducing the soap scum by binding up the metal ions, thus act as a clelating agent. the above article by DeeAnna provides simplified approach to use of Cirtates in the soaps...
  3. R

    Odor eliminating soap with no after scent - ideas?

    Does anyone have any additives or recipes for soaps that eliminate odor and keep odor away (both body odor and any soap scents?). I know baking soda is a good odor absorber but IDK how it fairs as a soap ingredient as it is a base. I would think anything anti-microbial & anti-bacterial that...