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  1. M

    How much Aloe Vera Gel is too much Aloe Vera Gel

    I've started using Aloe Vera Gel* in my soap. I truly like the results. I started out using 50g for 218g of fat -- fairly minimal. I like that way it makes the soap feel and would like to increase that. But I wonder how much is too much? I have noticed that my 100% coconut oil soap doesn't...
  2. Winter-Rose

    Aloe Vera Gel

    I've never used aloe vera gel before but I make a bath bomb that soothes itchy skin and have thought about maybe incorporating aloe vera gel into it. Would this work or am I mad? Has anyone tried something like this before and has tips for me? Did it work? I have no other use for the gel so...
  3. D

    Aloe Vera gel - Feedback welcome

    Hi ! So, I'm new at this soap making thing. I was trying to do a soap using Aloe Vera gel directly extracted from the plant. I read that I could do a 50water/50aloe gel. Does it mean that in a recipe with for exemple 100g of water I could do a 50 g of water and 50 g of Aloe Vera gel right ? If...