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  1. skinbykenya

    fo help

    Wsp is def expensive grrr they better be worth it! Thanx everyone
  2. skinbykenya

    1st attempt at making lip balms/body butter

    I like a butter that is mostly shea butter but if my finished butter is going to have a chocolate fragrance i will add somecocoa butter, but only a little. Olive oil is too heavy for me so i stick to coconut oil.
  3. skinbykenya

    fo help

    I made my first two batches of body butters with fo's i bought from etsy. The first supplier i bought from, the oils were good. I still have some of the pear body butter I made about three months ago and it still smells yummy. The second supplier....ugh. i bought a cotton candy oil and one week...
  4. skinbykenya

    cali newbie

    Greetings from California! I'm new to the forum and soap making. I've been creating jewelry but also wanted to branch out into skincare. My motivation is the fact that my son has. Eczema and most lotions and creams make it worse. I don't love the idea of medicinal creams because I have no idea...