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    What to blend with Ylang Ylang?

    I know this is an old thread but I was wondering if Ylang Ylang and Sweet Orange would hold up in CP soap and at what ratio one would suggest blending them. I once tried a blend that was about 10% Patchouli, 20% Ylang Ylang and 70% Orange 5 fold and found it just smelled like straight Ylang...
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    Is Glycerin Included When Calculating Superfat and scents?

    If you add glycerin to your soap (as in a shaving soap for example) do you include the glycerin content when calculating superfat and scents? For example, a recipe is: Olive 100g Palm 100g Coconut 100g Glycerin 25g You want to add fragrance at 3% of oils... Is that 3% of 300g or...
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    Caution Buying From Essential Depot

    I don't have it in for them and as a business owner myself I believe in giving businesses the benefit of the doubt. But in my humble opinion an indisputably wrong response is no response. Particularly given their printed customer service statement which I have copied and pasted from their...
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    Caution Buying From Essential Depot

    I recently contacted Essential Depot for a customer service issue regarding a price adjustment on a previously placed order due to a sale I missed by days (I purchased just before the sale) and never heard back. I followed up and still never received a response. Both emails were friendly and...
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    Why Do Some Unscented Soaps Smell So Good?

    I've noticed that some unscented natural soaps smell so much better than others, yet they seem to use the same ingredients - olive, palm, coconut, castor, shea etc.? Has anyone noticed this and would anyone know why?
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    Degree of shrinkage during cure?

    For what it's worth, 3 1/2 years later, I don't think your questions were unreasonable at all. Would you now be able to speak from experience as to how much average shrinkage by weight there is? Thanks in advance.
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    Aleppo Soap! The real thing!!!

    Hi EFP, Since my original post, I've bought Aleppo soap from a company in Spain called Inkanat or Inkanature. I've purchased 12% and 20%. No question the 20% bars generate less lather and feel more moisturizing. I expect the 20% has a higher superfat content - it feels like there is more...
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    Aleppo Soap! The real thing!!!

    Traditional Aleppo is boiled and salted out. My questions still apply though.
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    Aleppo Soap! The real thing!!!

    This is a 2-part question: I'm confused about the Laurel Berry Oil content in soap. I've read on some websites that the higher the LBO content, the more drying the soap can be (LBO does have a significant lauric acid content so this makes sense to me). However some websites (and some forum...
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    INCI Names for Colorants

    Thanks - I'm in Canada. I'll update my profile.
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    INCI Names for Colorants

    Also, in the case of micas, some micas contain multiple ingredients such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide, red #40, magnesium stearate etc. If following the INCI format, it would seem that all the individual ingredients in a mica should be listed as well. But I don't see this very often on other...
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    INCI Names for Colorants

    I don't think this has been answered on this forum before. I have seen the INCI name for various oxides listed alternatively as "black oxide" for example and/or with a "CI" # like "CI77049". Can one use either format for the INCI name when listing a color?
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    Suds N' Scents Canada

    Has anyone done business with Suds N' Scents out of British Columbia? I haven't but I am contemplating a substantial order. I found them online and would like to know if anyone's had a positive experience with them before I place the order. Thanks a lot.
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    High Coconut Oil Content and Superfat

    I sometimes see ingredient lists from reputable soap makers where coconut oil is the first ingredient followed by olive oil and/or rice bran oil and palm oil. I would have thought that coconut oil as the first ingredient in any soap would mean that the bar would be very drying. But these soaps...
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    Test Batches

    I've read differing opinions about how small a test batch should be. From purely a cost perspective, a pound seems to make sense. But I've read comments to the effect that the measuring has to be so precise at that small a quantity that it's risky to go that small. And also, at that size, it may...