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    How long to wait until you can test a bar?

    if you test it too soon on your hands, say after around 12 hours you will burn your hands and they will get very raw, and red and look swolen, and everyone will call you "lobster hands" and it's painful... but after two days, I've never had a problem.. I've never been accused of being...
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    How many base recipes do you use?

    I have three base recipies but of course various combos of additives... two of them are basically the same except one is beef tallow and the other is palm the third recipe produces a very soft soap, but necessary for the sensitive skin sect. The recipe says it has a conditioning of 60 on...
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    Juice Extractor

    I'm not an expert on the type of juicer you have, but please do make sure that it's sutable for juicing grasses if you decide to make wheatgrass juice. You can wreck your juicer if it's not made for making juice from wheatgrass.. ask me how I know!
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    soap with squishy white corners-kinda long

    I'm sure there are a lot of factors that can play into it... the temp of the room, thickness of trace, temp of the batter, temp of the lye when it was incorporated, the ingredients... If I was an actual expert I could go into more specifics, I'm just going by what others have told me.. and it...
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    HELP All you soapers

    I've been adding my fragrance before trace and it's been working wonderfully. Also, if you're wanting to add your fragrance at trace, I'd suggest NOT using the stick blend..Just hand stir when your adding the fragrance.
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    Steric Acid in CP soap

    I've been wondering the same thing.... I have calculated stearic acid into soap calc and it does not show that it causes the soap to become harsh... I thought it caused harshness, I'm wondering if soapcalc is wrong, or if maybe it's just the mysteric acid that causes the harshness. I haven't...
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    To all the Mamas!!

    I'm the queen of the campfire, but I've never put it to such good use as sonja!.. I make blueberry muffins in a campfire.. (cut an orange in half and use the peel as the muffin cup then fill and wrap in foil, it's the best) and I love to make foil dinners. This summer I'm hoping to finally...
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    To all the Mamas!!

    Sounds like you all are having a wonderful mother's day. Whitney took me to my favorite resurant called the blue moon diner. It's one of those old time diners that looks like a train car and it has a curved roof and Patsy Cline and Elvis on the tableside jukebox..... The waitresses sing along...
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    Herbal Powder for coloring CP soaps?

    I've used tomato powder in soap.. I think I got it at wsp. I did tomato and basil and it was lovely
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    raw fuel issues

    Hello, and Welcome!I'm sure you'll find this forum very helpful, I know I have.
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    soap with squishy white corners-kinda long

    I used to get partial gel quite a bit, though after cure you really coudn't tell. What I've been doing lately is something that I read to do on this forum.. I warm up my mould with a hair dryer before pouring. It seems to work. If you have a wood mold that is oven safe, you could also warm...
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    Rebatching BIG batches...?

    Ian, this is just based on my experience, which is pretty limited... BUT, my rebatches don't look that great, they aren't as smooth and tend to look more like granite or something.. I don't know how to explain it.. Maybe someone else has had a different experience??
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    Hi from northern mn

    Welcome to the forum.... Once you are up to speed with the safety requirements for soapmaking, then I say jump right in with some small batches... It really is very easy, I agonized for a long time before making my first batch, and I was like, Huh? that's it??? To me the most difficult part was...
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    Rebatching BIG batches...?

    No, Hot process is pretty much just like cold process only instead of going through the gel phase in the mould(if you are a geller), you cook it before molding it... You cook it and force it to saponify, then you can scent it and your scents should stay true. Paul does his HP in the crock pot...
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    favourite scent Blends

    I'm always happy to share! These are all my own blends, but I'm sure that someone somewhere has come up with this combo before since there are only so many essential oils out there. for bathroom spray: 2parts clove bud oil 1part cassia oil 3part lavender 3part eucalyptus 6part litsea...