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    My first successful swirled loaf!

    Beautiful Soap, Well done.
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    What Do You Like About Salt Bars?

    I am curious. Has anyone tried making a salt bar with goats milk? Reading these posts have inspired me. With the results of what both does for the skin I was wondering about combining them. Any input or ideas on this?
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    Life Changing 3 Weeks

    My sincerest condolences. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I really appreciate reading this as I have lost many family members through cancer, and am happy that you have experienced love in such a way. Blessings to you and your family going forward.
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    Hi from Kentucky

    Welcome Janelle.
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    My first black colored soap

    Your soaps are stunning. I love, love them. I wish I could smell the black cherry fragrance. I think even the fragrance name suits the soap. I would change nothing. Perfect as it is IMHO.:thumbs::winner:
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    help now - spilled essential oil!

    Please try Benzine. I have used it on all electronics and it cleans sticky mess and grease off. Also it evaporates quickly and does not leave a film on the surface nor does it remove any writing. Please try it and let us know.
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    Aloe Vera gel - Feedback welcome

    I am still considering masterbatching my lye and I make soap with aloe gel often. I grow my own so after scraping the gel out of the leaves I liquidise the pulp so that there are no lumps. I have used it as full water content and also mixed it with cucumber juice, using it half and half. It does...
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    November Monthly Challenge: December Inspiration

    I would like to join but do not have enough message points. In South Africa it is extremely hot and lately humid as well. My idea would be balls of white soap with pale green swirls on a rope to hang on the Christmas tree. Fragranced with Eucalyptus and Mint will have a cooling effect to counter...
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    Hello from South Africa

    Welcome Yolande
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    My 2nd christmas soap - cut pics added

    Stunning. They are going to make beautiful gifts.
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    Hello from British Columbia!

    Welcome Kat, and have fun with your herbs and home grown lovelies that you are going to make the most beautiful soaps with.
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    Hello Soapers!

    Welcome, Lucky girl. You have the best of both worlds. You can soap what you grow. You're gonna have so much fun.
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    No.3 - cut pics added

    Oh man that looks good. I would really like to see this one cut!
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    Colorant ideas from the market

    Paprika turns a love peachy colour as well, parsley ground into a powder also colours green. I also use comfrey leaves dried and crushed and it gives me a green soap as well. Marigolds, calendula petals and dandelion flowers will colour soap yellow gold. I hope this helps and that I am not...
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    Comment by 'Magic7M' in media 'A3264B6C-3F66-4354-BBC2-1FBC8AA359A1'

    Lovely soap. Looks rich and creamy. LOL