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    The word association game

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    Your name

    Sparkling Strawberry Sunset
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    The word association game

    Burrito ( I’m from the south)
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    Lone Star Fragrance Review

    I live about 10 miles from Lone Star. I personally do not like their fragrances. I have to use twice as much and the scent doesn’t stay. I was very disappointed because they are so close.
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    App not working

    Is anyone having difficulty with the app? It logged me off, then tells me I don’t have permission to log on. I logged onto my iPad by going to the website with no problem.
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    The word association game

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    Lone Star Candle Supply

    My supply company downsized and moved to another state. Since I also moved I started buying from Lone Star which is about 20 minutes from my house. I’ve used their scents in both candles and soaps. It seems I’m having to use twice as much as I normally do. Has anyone else used this company and...
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    Worst fragrance

    I got a free sample of peanut butter fragrance and it was awful!! I don’t use petitgrain essential oil either. Smells like wet dirt.
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    BrambleBerry Quick Mixes

    I just got an email from BrambleBerry that their Quick Mixes were 20% off. Has anyone used these? This is the first I’ve heard about them. Just wondering if anyone has used them.
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    The word association game

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    The word association game

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    The word association game

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    Fragrance Oil Finder

    I have not been on this forum or been making product for several months due to my dad having dementia. I went to access fragrance oil finder and it took me to the Rustic Escentuals website. Does anyone know what is going on?
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    vetiver essential oil suggestions for supplier

    I get mine from the Essential Oil Company. I've bought my oils from them for over 20 years. Great quality and customer service.
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    The 4-letter game

    Wicked alchemists love money BMJS