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    Wolves: 4 minutes worth watching

    Lovely and inspiring video which I enjoyed watching. The circle of life, once broken by ignorance of true nature, may be nigh on impossible to repair. Hopefully, they will also introduce a few new males and females to the mix of the gene pool every now and then to prevent problems with the breeding.
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    Are the donuts okay?

    Not sure if they are good. If it were my donut store, I'd at least get up there and paint an L :D
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    Critique my etsy shop?

    I liked the story and pics of your dear goat and I do enjoy reading the personal nature of products I choose to buy too. Your product, soap, should be first focus. It might be best to put that info last, after the product info itself, maybe under a title Fun facts about my goat's milk: Most...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Woke up at 0500 with my first thought being making a 9 lb batch of pure OO Castile. Castile Monday! I cannot think of a better way to plan for a Castile soap bath for a year from now. It's almost like putting money in the bank...:D
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    The word association game

    bag :crazy:
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Loved this story:D
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    I had that happen.:Kitten Love: Having never done HP in a SC, I tried it, and just went with it, added a bit of water, and it worked. It took a few hours. I did NOT want to throw it away. It was all good in the end, and turned out to be a very nice soap. But :crazy: it was mind boggling. I learned a lot...
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    Ordering supplies, essential oils and soap making oils. Bulk apothcary

    I use a LOT of EOs in my skin care products. So far, I have found Edens Garden to be the best and their CS is great, you do have to email request for MSDS, and I did like the Frankincense I ordered from EG. I love anything I can afford from Organic Infusions (they are pricey and only sell...
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    The word association game

  10. Kittie

    The word association game

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    Yep my bf is gonna kill me

    Take the clothes to the Goodwill, you probably don't need that many clothes anyhow, too many clothes causes more laundry, which takes away from my soaping time :-P
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    You're addicted to CP when...

    When you're hungry, really hungry, and you go into your kitchen to make yourself some food, and the next thing you know you are in the middle of making 3 very nice logs of SOAP and you forgot all about being hungry :-P
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    Congratulations to shunt2011!

    Good for Shunt! We looove our mods :p
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    Need to vent about accurate labeling & customer service

    If I were the soaper, I would want to know why you chose to stop using my soap. That said, a few soapers label their soaps improperly. That's what got me making my own soap, and now I'm addicted to soaping! I think most soapers do it right though. I got the addiction bad now :p I get very...
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    I was impaitent

    Oooh, this sounds like good fun. I would also have to be ''alert'' too. Good instructions, I don't know how I could possibly mess up :p especially after my shampoo bar morning. Ha! I do like the natural colorants too. I just bought parsley so that will be an experiment since I've never tried it...