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    Humidity levels??

    Try formulating at a is super fat, say 5% for example. Then use a chelator such as tetrasodium edta to bind the water during cure to stop oxidation of your oils.
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    Does anybody here promote CP soap as shampoo?

    I have only made one natural soap in 30 years that I use as a clarifier (not regular use) when the build up from commercial shampoos gets too much I do indeed enjoy using it . It's not a bar soap nor is it made with NaOH. In addition I use either a high quality leave in conditioner and/or use a...
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    Create a Batch - Help Now!

    SoapMaker 3 It's a program for tracking and creating soap. It isn't free.
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    Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

    Me too! Excellent idea. I was wondering about using it in shampoo bars for natural colorant. The pH is nice and low for a syndet.
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    Badly need advice

    I've just purchased the Soapmaker3 and it finally solved my resizing problem. All the rest of the features are a bonus. I'm just on the lite version for now but when I start growing I'll invest in the pro update for sure.
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    Rehab the hair (or how to get away from lye based shampoo)?

    There is a lot of controversy about pH and soap. However as soon as you get your hair wet it increases the pH of the mantle to 7. Water isn't harmful to the hair and a gentle soap used in the correct way isn't going to harm your hair (which is dead) or cause frizziness or breakage. I think the...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Beveling my guest soap. I'm not sure if I want to do them that way but they are tidier.
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    What I learned today ....

    What did I learn today or just realize despite myself? I just can't do it all, LOL. Right now I'm taking it easy instead of worrying myself silly over not getting everything done. I'll probably forget in the next hour or so, but c'est la vie.
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    What do you pack your soaps in for a show ?

    It depends on the size of the soap, but on average I can get 2-3 dozen bars in each layer. Check out Walmart for them, ours keeps them in stock regularly but they sell out quickly. I had to pick them up one or two at a time. It's nice to have all my show/market supplies stacked by the back door...
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    Rose Wax

    IngredK, Here is where I get my rose wax... It does smell of roses once dilute. Right in the jar it isn't something I find very pleasant. Same with the pure EO.
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    What do you pack your soaps in for a show ?

    I got the double ornament boxes with a handle. Don't' use the handle(BB and soap tend to be heavy) but these stack perfectly. I LOVE them for shows!
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    I am standing up and admitting ...

    Okay fellow FO Ho's. Who else is liking Santa Farts? Anyone smell popcorn? AND COOKIES, LOLOL
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    Rose Wax

    I just got some rose wax in from Bulgaria. Yes, it isn't a nice fragrance so it's not going in for the fragrant properties. I am using a counter top hot process and adding what I normally add in beeswax at the end of the cook while everything is still quite hot. Maybe you could try this as well?
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    HP soapers.....a question for you

    I love countertop hot process. You can get creative with it and I've found with very large batches that 190 is just too hot and 175 has less explosive and long lasting volcanos. NEVER walk away from it. Valerie Mosher makes lovely swirls and I just love the quality of her soap. She uses exotic...
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    Rustic escentuals annual scent event

    If you missed out on Rustic Essentials 1 oz sale I have a double up coupon for Aztec that's good until the end of the month. They have their regular 5 for $5 deal again but I have a code for an additional 5 for $5 if anyone is interested in trying their stuff. It's RampUp and you enter it after...