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  1. Jennifer Gray

    product insurance

    Joined. purchased insurance. Easy peasy. Thank you! You just saved me nearly $1000. That’s a lotta soap!
  2. Jennifer Gray

    How many soap makers get insurance?

    Megan, who is HSCG? thanks
  3. Jennifer Gray

    product insurance

    Business owners: can you recommend any specific companies or policies for product insurance (for soaps, lotions, etc)? My insurance broker has presented a policy that will cost me $1350 / yr which I think is really high, considering the size of my business. Would love to hear what you guys do...
  4. Jennifer Gray

    Using tea in soap (Mate)

    Has anyone tried using mate (a tea from Argentina) in soap? Would it be the same as green tea? What other teas have you used and to what effect?
  5. Jennifer Gray

    shave soap question

    Going to make my first shaving soap today. Thinking of adding a bit of honey. How would this affect the bars? My recipe contains castor, coconut, olive, palm, tallow, cocoa butter, plus clay. Any suggestions welcome! Thanks
  6. Jennifer Gray

    Qualities of different oils

    I have just made a soap (from a recipe) that is one part lard, two parts sunflower, two parts coconut. It poured like a dream and unmolded beautifully. Will this be a good soap? All the soaps I have made thus far have had olive oil. How will this one compare? What are the benefits /...
  7. Jennifer Gray

    What would this soap be like?

    I am experimenting with different recipes and oil ratios. I found a recipe that has one part lard, two parts sunflower oil and two parts coconut oil. It took a long time to get to trace and seemed thin, but it unmolded relatively fast and was really detailed and beautiful. My question is...