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    Syndet Shampoo Bars!

    @KiwiMoose your syndet bars are beautiful! I love the color. Did you use a press with them? @Misschief, do the bars from the recipe you purchased get mushy in the shower (especially toward the end)? I switched from making liquid shampoo to shampoo bars a few months ago and all was going well...
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    Need to Replace the Beef Tallow

    Yes, I replaced it entirely with soy wax. I used to use beef tallow at 20-25% of the recipe (early on when using it went as high as 30-35%, but found the soap smelled too beefy) and now don't use it at all.
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    Need to Replace the Beef Tallow

    This is a pretty typical recipe for me nowadays: 30% Olive Oil 25% Soy Wax 20% Coconut Oil 15% Sunflower Oil (high oleic) 10% Shea Butter 38% Lye concentration 5% oil weight sugar added (dissolved in water taken from batch total, then added to lye) I also soap in the 120-130°F range and...
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    Need to Replace the Beef Tallow

    Hi JohnnyM, Your recipe in the original post is very similar variation of a recipe I made for a few years (although I no longer use castor oil), until I decided to check out soy wax a year ago. I have to say, I haven't looked back (nor do I miss rendering beef tallow). The soap stays...
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    Single EO scent (fading) test

    Thanks so much for the update and work put into this!
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    @Mobjack Bay, I tried French Kiss in a soap a couple years ago and really liked it. Your description of the soap smelling nice, with no particular note dominating, was exactly my experience. Just a nice, almost subtle, blend. It's also one of those things where if I think of it, I can still...
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    Oh, no, it was my fault! I have a fear of moving batter past emulsification, which gets me into trouble time and again (wait, muddled colors again?). You'd think I would learn. So while I KNEW I should have SB more to get it thicker, I didn't. Next I threw in another perilous ingredient...
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    Wow, a lot of really good information has been added here! @Jackie Tobey, Boheme Dream sounds so interesting and not one that would have caught my eye. Thanks for the recommendation! That's a shame about Serenity (or Serenity Now?), as it sounds like had it been a sticker the scent would...
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    Single EO scent (fading) test

    I really appreciate your efforts, szaza, as well as your taking the time to share the results!
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    ...And now I have a couple more blends to add to my ever-growing list of things to try (especially the Highbrow and Whisper - they sound incredible). Thanks, @szaza!
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    GW 415 - Soy Wax

    Thanks, Mobjack, for the detailed explanation (although I must say that my eyes glazed over at some of the math... lol). I'm one that has been using "Soybean, fully hydrogenated" on SoapCalc (SAP 0.137 for NaOH), and I have been absolutely loving the soap with it. My skin has never felt...
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    This lavandin EO blend stuck for a year in soap.

    Thanks for sharing, and I've added it to my ever-growing list of blends to try!
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    low-water vs high-water

    It's strange, isn't it?! A few years ago I tried my hand at an Auntie Clara Ghost Swirl, and was pretty shocked to see how slowly the low water portion of the soap came to trace. Since that time, I now typically soap between a 36-40% lye concentration and the biggest issue I have is getting...
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    Thanks for the update, @szaza ! I just scrutinized a bar of Orchard Plow that was made on August 6, 2019 (with adjustments; see Post #1), and it seems to be still going strong! It's interesting, szaza, how we are having different experiences with this one. Could it be storage? Each batch...
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    Successful tips for using Sucragel?

    Hooray - it worked! (we'll celebrate even if it was only for a little while, and call it progress. Plus, it made a nice product while it lasted - yay!) Since you hadn't been aware of Chemists Corner before, I need to apologize for the many hours you may spend in reading it now. It's a rabbit...