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    EOCalc.com Blend Reviews

    I almost hesitate to add this blend to the mix, because I made a HUGE change to it. But on 10/22/20, I made a batch of soap using the Balance blend from EOCalc.com. However, a major component of the blend is Tea Tree EO (42% of blend), of which I have none. So I substituted for 42% Peppermint...
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    Prosperity, Vitality, Love, Wisdom

    Those. Are. STUNNING!!!
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    Contaminated lye

    Thank you, paradisi, for sharing this experience. This whole thing must have been very frustrating. I've ordered from Duda in the past (last time was mid-March) and luckily haven't encountered this issue, but will definitely keep it in mind when looking to re-order in the future.
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    I appreciate your entire post, DeeAnna, and this stood out in particular because yesterday in the shower I was (ruefully) entertaining myself by how I could bend the sorbitol soap into a U-shape (the sugar soap was not bendable). I'm easily entertained. It was a learning experience, for sure...
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    I, too, was intrigued by the Lather Lover's Additive Test and wanted to try sorbitol. I ended up buying 11 lbs of it from Bulk Supplements (don't judge - ha! Their pricing schematic at the time made buying 11 lbs make sense - pricing has since been changed by quite a bit so that it no longer...
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    Formula Botanica

    Howdy, Dawni, I have no direct experience with Formula Botanica. However, Marie Rayma, the woman behind a site I consider to be a pretty solid DIY B&B resource, graduated with a diploma from there: https://www.humblebeeandme.com/about/ Not sure how any of this really answers your question...
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    EOCalc.com Blend Reviews

    Loving the updates! I've been in a soap rut for a few months, and haven't ventured out with new blends for a while. This thread reminds me there's so much out there to try (and then I get overwhelmed again - lol). Here are a few of my updates: Fallen: just gifted the last bar from a batch...
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    Syndet Shampoo Bars!

    @KiwiMoose your syndet bars are beautiful! I love the color. Did you use a press with them? @Misschief, do the bars from the recipe you purchased get mushy in the shower (especially toward the end)? I switched from making liquid shampoo to shampoo bars a few months ago and all was going well...
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    Need to Replace the Beef Tallow

    Yes, I replaced it entirely with soy wax. I used to use beef tallow at 20-25% of the recipe (early on when using it went as high as 30-35%, but found the soap smelled too beefy) and now don't use it at all.
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    Need to Replace the Beef Tallow

    This is a pretty typical recipe for me nowadays: 30% Olive Oil 25% Soy Wax 20% Coconut Oil 15% Sunflower Oil (high oleic) 10% Shea Butter 38% Lye concentration 5% oil weight sugar added (dissolved in water taken from batch total, then added to lye) I also soap in the 120-130°F range and...
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    Need to Replace the Beef Tallow

    Hi JohnnyM, Your recipe in the original post is very similar variation of a recipe I made for a few years (although I no longer use castor oil), until I decided to check out soy wax a year ago. I have to say, I haven't looked back (nor do I miss rendering beef tallow). The soap stays...
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    Single EO scent (fading) test

    Thanks so much for the update and work put into this!
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    EOCalc.com Blend Reviews

    @Mobjack Bay, I tried French Kiss in a soap a couple years ago and really liked it. Your description of the soap smelling nice, with no particular note dominating, was exactly my experience. Just a nice, almost subtle, blend. It's also one of those things where if I think of it, I can still...
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    EOCalc.com Blend Reviews

    Oh, no, it was my fault! I have a fear of moving batter past emulsification, which gets me into trouble time and again (wait, muddled colors again?). You'd think I would learn. So while I KNEW I should have SB more to get it thicker, I didn't. Next I threw in another perilous ingredient...
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    EOCalc.com Blend Reviews

    Wow, a lot of really good information has been added here! @Jackie Tobey, Boheme Dream sounds so interesting and not one that would have caught my eye. Thanks for the recommendation! That's a shame about Serenity (or Serenity Now?), as it sounds like had it been a sticker the scent would...