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    I haven't tried it, Mobjack Bay, although it sounds really intriguing. Black pepper EO is one I've never smelled, although have been tempted many times to buy (however, it's hard for me to justify it at the moment since I've only made one batch of soap in the past 11 months. WTH?!!).
  2. HowieRoll

    Orange (Peel) Wax

    OMG, Mobjack, I saw this months ago and must have dreamed I replied! But when the thread popped up again recently I saw I hadn't - SO sorry about that (and when it popped up I was out of town so had to wait another week to get back so I could smell the soap for a report - aarrrgh)!!! Oy...
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    Your soaps are beautiful, Zing! And my fingers are crossed the cocoa scent lasts satisfactorily for you. I recently realized it has been a couple of years since I'd last purchased cocoa butter (from NDA) so hope it's still as potent as it used to be. Please keep us posted!
  4. HowieRoll

    Syndet Shampoo Bar Trials

    Thank you for posting this, Misschief. It is similar to the response I received to my inquiry, as well. If I may (and not directed at anyone in particular, just general thoughts for anyone who may be interested), the response didn't change my personal comfort level as it pertains to...
  5. HowieRoll

    Syndet Shampoo Bar Trials

    I had a similar experience, Gaisy59. Once I purchased the recipe I was surprised to see the SCI used at such a high percentage, surpassing my supplier's max usage rate by quite a bit (it was surprising especially since her listing explicitly states, "The ingredients included in these recipes...
  6. HowieRoll

    keeping or duping scent of cocoa butter?

    I look forward to hearing about your experience with this cocoa butter! (I should also probably note that after curing a batch for 4-5 weeks I transfer soaps to a "locking" plastic clamshell container. Sometimes, in addition, individual soaps are also wrapped in a glassine bag for gifting...
  7. HowieRoll

    keeping or duping scent of cocoa butter?

    I've used the "pure prime pressed - crude" cocoa butter from New Directions and it is very heavy on the chocolate scent in natural form. The last batch I made with it was November 2019 and used cocoa butter at 30% (other ingredients: Olive Oil 30%, Coconut Oil 25%, HO Sunflower Oil 15%. Also...
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    Amazon soy wax?

    I've purchased that soy wax from Brandon's Candles a few times before (through Amazon), although it's been a while (the last time I placed an order with them was August 2019). The wax was used for soapmaking, and I didn't have any issues with it. (As an aside, the last time I purchased soy wax...
  9. HowieRoll

    A Taiwanese Swirl and a Wood Pour

    That is so cool how the colors (like the green and purple) in your Taiwanese Swirl soaps are thinly outlined! It gives a really cool definition. Very pretty!
  10. HowieRoll

    Great EO blends for MANLY scents

    This is one I've been making for a few years (have tinkered with percentages) and it's always a huge hit with men (and women, too, but I call it Urban Woodsman. Note: I don't sell, this is based on friends/family reactions): 25% Dark Patchouli 23% Cedarwood (I use Virginian) 22% Amyris 20%...
  11. HowieRoll

    Need help naming this soap

    I'm sorry I can't help with a name for it, but I wanted to say how pretty it is! It reminds me of a fancy textile print that has flowers (maybe iris?) and I agree, it is very ethereal. Loving the soft color palette, too. Beautiful!
  12. HowieRoll

    Effects of additives on orange EO scent retention

    Interesting experiment and I look forward to hearing more about the results down the line. Thanks for sharing!
  13. HowieRoll

    Increasing Coconut Oil Dishsoap's suds?

    I've used 100% Coconut Oil LS for over 3 years to clean dishes (and the house). The fact it doesn't have as long-lasting/durable suds as a syndet (i.e. Dawn) is something I've accepted as a trade-off to using a homemade soap product. But it doesn't mean I don't still poke around to try finding...
  14. HowieRoll

    Conditioner bar recipe

    I second glendam's suggestion of checking out Humblebee & Me for recipes. Not only does Marie (at Humblebee) post full recipes/processes, but also adds notes for ingredient substitutions. She also just posted a recipe for a simple Cocoa Coconut Conditioner Bar, which does have fewer...
  15. HowieRoll Blend Reviews

    I almost hesitate to add this blend to the mix, because I made a HUGE change to it. But on 10/22/20, I made a batch of soap using the Balance blend from However, a major component of the blend is Tea Tree EO (42% of blend), of which I have none. So I substituted for 42% Peppermint...