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    CPOP question about wooden molds

    cpop i have wooden and plastic slab molds. i am currently doing room temp c/p. with the plastic trays. i seal with plastic attached to cardboard to eliminate any lye ash. for my wooden molds i place an electric heating pad on a cookie sheet, (on the kitchen counter) then put the mold on...
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    Ginger Soufle' at BB gone.

    fragrance did you try ? monet
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    White Ginger & Amber

    fragrance just ordered some from will let you know when i get it. i've noticed that f/o's vary from vendor to vendor even if it's the same name. i really like the personal service i got from paige. she tries everything out in c/p and posts the results. she has a chart...
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    New Mold Arrived

    tog mold i'm envious! he is such a craftsman! soapmaker, mold maker and mentor! monet
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    making your own silicone molds

    silicone molds i have a couple of large sand dollars my father and i gathered shortly before he passed away. it would be so incredibly special to me if i could make them into soaps. i'm sure just about everyone has a special little keepsake around the house. monet
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    making your own silicone molds

    i stumbled onto this at a culinary website. it features 3 kinds of easy mix supplies for making your own food grade silicone molds that set up in about 4 hrs. i have some super detailed molds that i cant use for c/p. maybe if i pour them in wax, i...
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    incredible silicone molds!

    silicone are your heart molds a 6 muffin pan? i've been looking for a silicone heart shaped muffin pan for salt bars since forever. if so, would you mind sharing where to get them? i can only find red ones, and from what i've heard, red bleeds onto the soap. thanks! monet
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    incredible silicone molds!

    silicone molds i have some rose shaped muffin pans i do for my specialty soaps. i cover w/plastic and put in oven set on lowest setting for an hour or 2, depending on how many pans i use, then shut off and leave over night. the next morning i stick in freezer for an hour then unmold. they...
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    All Purpose Cleaner from Soap Scraps

    beveler interesting! what is washing soda? i've never seen in in the stores-i assume you'd find it in the laundry soap isle? do you have to order it? monet
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    Second batch - lavender & rosemary soap! Pics!

    new soap great looking soap! love your "assistant". i like the ripply top. how did you do that? most muffin pans have smooth bottoms. maybe when your soap gets harder you could wet the top, work up a little lather and then dip it in lavender buds. then leave to dry. i've seen some use clear...
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    incredible silicone molds!

    omg!!! they have the most gorgeous soap molds i've seen! the roses, dalias and sea shells are just awesome! a little spendy, but you would sure turn heads at a crafts fair, especially if they were made with high-end butters. monet
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    my new soap beveler/planer

    just ordered paul's new beveler/planer, but forgot to ask how long to wait before i use it. when the soap is still soft, or when it's hard? and what does everyone do with their little soap scraps? thanks, monet
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    How to decide

    superfatting i like jojoba personally or shea oil. i usually add it and the vitamin-e to my fragranc/ess. oils and pour at trace. monet
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    using olive butter, almond butter

    i was thinking of using some olive butter along with the olive oil in a rtcp recipe. has anyone used this? how about almond butter? i love to tweak my recipes! monet
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    How long have you been making soap?

    making soap on and off since 1992. there is so much more info, techniques, and products available than when i started cp. the most fabulous is www.soapcalc i feel like a mad chemist. fragrances are much better too. soapmaking is my "therapy"! such a sweet addiction! i get an attitude...