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    Patchouli blends - what are your favorites?

    Star Showers from Nurture is one of my favorite scents.
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    Help diagnose an issue (chalky, crumbly)

    Thank you. This gives me some things to look into. I wonder if my hand-stirring is not enough. I have been pouring these samples thin so that the bottom is not lumpy. I hate using the stick blender for such a small, 12oz of oil, batch. I guess I'll just use it next time and see if I haven't...
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    Help diagnose an issue (chalky, crumbly)

    OK, this is getting a bit annoying. I made the same recipe again, but this time I did everything upstairs where it is closer to 70 degrees. I even placed it in a 170 degree oven that was then turned off and left overnight. The soap after 48 hours can easily be snapped in half. I'm using the...
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    Help diagnose an issue (chalky, crumbly)

    Thanks. It seems this might be caused by the soap not getting warm enough during saponification. I usually CPOP by loaf molds, but when I'm making these samples I don't. And it's been quite cold in the basement lately.
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    Help me use some "lightly used" oils

    I generally use a 33% lye concentration. I'm also thinking I might've done something wrong with this batch now that I popped them from the mold. I posted that question in the lye soap board.
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    "Getting Back Into It" soap

    Looks great. I keep trying to texture my tops but mess around too long and then just smooth everything out.
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    Bubblegum Galaxy & Autumn Highlights

    That bubblegum soap looks great!
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    Help diagnose an issue (chalky, crumbly)

    2 months ago I made a batch of soap and divided it into 3 parts to make some scent samples. 27.5% coconut and palm, 25% olive, 10% mango butter and avocado oil. 33% lye concentration. 5% superfat. My notes show that my oils and lye were both at 85 degrees F. I usually soap closer to 100. I...
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    Help me use some "lightly used" oils

    Thank you! I'll just let them hang out there for a little longer.
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    sourcing fair trade shea butter
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    Help me use some "lightly used" oils

    Hello again. I made this recipe a couple of days ago and it is still very soft. Just checking to see if this is your experience (or maybe I've done something wrong). I will state my basement is around 60 degrees F right now so I'm not really sure if the cooler temps are slowing things down...
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    New Label

    I think the label looks amazing. Your first picture with all of the soaps would definitely make me stop by and check out what you're selling!
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    Help me use some "lightly used" oils

    Perfect. Thank you for the replies. I will followup with a picture and some thoughts once I've made some soap!
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    Help me use some "lightly used" oils

    When I first got started, I pulled together about 10 different soap recipes to try. I made a list of all the oil and butter used in them and placed an order for gallon jugs, 7-8lb pails or 10lb boxes depending on how they were offered. I was wondering if anyone could share some recipes that...
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    Bitter Creek Candle Supply

    I made the mistake of giving the vanilla stabilizer a big sniff. You could knock someone out doing that!