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    Organic cocoa butter in soapmaking

    I should do that again. I haven't done that in a while and it would be a perfect gift for an uncle, though it will be late.
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    Hard, lumpy paste

    Rule from the wise- NEVER trust a soap recipe as written and always double check it via running it through a soap calculator. People make mistakes and you could have easily made a lye heavy or overly superfatted batch of soap without knowing it. Even doubling a recipe is not advised in that you...
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    Hard, lumpy paste

    What temperature did you use for your crock pot? Did you run this recipe through a soap calculator while I'm at it?
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    Organic cocoa butter in soapmaking

    It's rare that I use 10% cocoa butter in a batch. I love it too much so I use 20-25% I go 15% if I have shea butter on hand though.
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    Tortie Needs Home

    I'm all the way in NY and in no condition to raise and socialize a kitten. It doesn't help that my daughter is allergic to cats (cruel world). This sucks 'cause she's a cutie.
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    Post your happy

    I found my gel packs. I heated one up and put it on the back of my head/neck. Migraines aside, I've been feeling a lot of pressure there and the heat is helping for now.
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    Percentage of Oils in Cp soap

    Since the coconut oil caught my eye, ask yourself this- Do I have dry skin? If you have dry skin of any level, I would suggest bumping the coconut oil down to 20% and adding the 10% to the shea butter. I would strongly suggest bumping this whole recipe down to 454g at the least since it seems...
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    Cocoa Powder Bleeding?

    I've had my mishaps with coco poweder but I have never had clumps as far as I recall. That clumping looks pretty bad too. Did you let your cocoa powder mixture sit like you should with a clay? Maybe that might help?
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    In a manner of speaking, it's as you said it.
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    vitamin D additive

    I really don't see a point to adding it. If someone wants the benefit of vitamin D, they can get from some sun or they can take a D3 supplement. Adding it to a product that won't even stay on your skin for more than 5 minutes is pointless and an expensive waste of a much needed vitamin. Let's...
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    Hurricane whatever its name is

    I hate to say this but I'm the same way unless it's a thunder snow storm. I prefer not having to hear/deal with that so the snow can be shoveled in peace.
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    Cracking crock pot?

    I'm leaning on there being a defect with the pot itself. If this happened with soap, imagine if you had been cooking food with this thing. I've done a lot to my crock pots but I have never had one shatter on me.
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    Essential Oils

    Be it instant or brewed, it's natural scent is going to be lost in soap. Coffee soap tends to lose any scent you put into it unless you scent it strongly enough to stick (and even then, that scent is fighting a natural scent eraser). To be honest, coffee extract, if its what I'm thinking it is...
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    Essential Oils

    Has that worked for you? I have never known coffee's natural scent to last in a soap. It's partly why I get instant coffee for soap making purposes
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I just smelled some tester papers I left for a week, just to see if I could still detect the smell of the base notes for some new fragrances I got from WSP. The one I liked the least was Japanese Cherry Blossom (BBW type) so far. That's surprised me only because that's the only scent I buy with...