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    Base formula

    How small are your test batches that you don't wanna waste batches? In any case, You need to use some resources to develop your soap. It's unrealistic not to do so when there are so many factors beyond your control that affect how your soap will come out. I could give you a recipe that works...
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    Does Chocolate Count?

    First Chocolat Cacao now you. I can't with you people.
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    Jasmine EO/absolute?

    Who sells "Prada" bags for $35 in an alley? We all know that's why you go to certain shops on Canal St in NYC. You get the good knock-offs there. 😝
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    Beginner! Making CP Soap with Coconut Milk instead of Distilled Water...

    This. More math is involved when you use coconut milk. I don't care as much if I use light (within reason) and my recipe has like 10% coconut oil but using regular and some lighter varieties of coconut milk will change the amount of coconut oil in your recipe.
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    Adding Fragrance Oils to CP soap

    I heard aztec is fine, though I haven't used them. just look at the reviews for the FOs you tried and maybe you can pick up some pointers for them.
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    Adding Fragrance Oils to CP soap

    Where are you getting your FO's from?
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    Foster cats

    That is me and MOST dogs. I don't know when I became allergic to dogs though. I grew up with them too.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I recently melted down some M&P and tested Avobath and Oat Milk & Honey (NYScent) as well as NG's Garden Mint & Cucumber amd NS' Eucalyptus Mint. I surprisinlgly like Oat Milk & Honey. Eucalyptus Mint is ok but not my thing, Garden Mint is annoying me with it's sweetness, and I absolutely hate...
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    The Importance of a Sniffy Spot

    I can attest. I still remember a college that was known for it's Culinary criteria was shut down for having more health code violations than most (if not any) of the immediate NYC boroughs restaurants ever had.
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    The Importance of a Sniffy Spot

    I must be one of those people who would not care. If someone touches a soap and I want to buy it after they put it down, I'm picking it up anyway. The germs would be on the surface so why not rinse it under running hot water and let it air dry? It's not like it's prepared food and the customer...
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    Potato soap update

    I never add oil to water these days. I used to but then got lazy. I do tend not to have an issue with pasta sticking. This was what I was referring to. It makes sense. I just don't know if I will remember to look into that.
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    Laundry detergent consumption

    @earlene Lucky! I'm stuck either using a pricier liquid or borrowing my daughter's. Skin issues are too real and finicky with me.
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    Potato soap update

    And I normally use potatoes for that purpose. 😁
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    'Must try' techniques?

    @Cheeky Goat you have a YT channel right? If that wood grain video is yours... 😁 😁 😁
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    Potato soap update

    Naturally, I have to ask why? I've never heard of doing that with pasta water, let alone making soap.