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Intaglio carved Redwood Cones on Pine Tar soap 2018Nov20

Intaglio carved Redwood Cones on Pine Tar soap 2018Nov20

December inspired SMF Soap Challenge Entry 2018November
Made in Boulder Creek, CA Nov. 20, 2018
Redwood Cones Intaglio carved Pine Tar Soap
background soap: Intaglio carved Snowy Tree
I love this look on the soap, very rustic and it is such a great idea and it looks so pretty. I love them.
Such a beautiful idea, and great execution! Love this.
Beautiful! Did you just (did I say "just"? lol) press the cones into the surface? This is gorgeous!
@Clarice No, I carved the soap. Intaglio is a method by which a surface is carved away to reveal what is below. The base soap is pine tar soap, which is the brown color you see showing through under the carved away surface soap. So basically I made two batches of soap batter on different days. One day one, I made and molded the pine tar soap. After it gelled and was firm enough to remove from the mold, I cut it into bars. Then I made the white soap batter which I poured into molds about 1/3rd full, placed the cut pine tar bars into the molds and filled around the edges & over the top to get the white surface on all sides of the bars of soap. Thus the exterior of the soaps are white while the centers are brown.

Carving (intaglio) to remove the white soap, revealed the brown below. Here is a video on Intaglio soap:

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