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Soap enjoy
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Default Bubble bars by Soap enjoy

I'll share the recipe for the Bubble bars... Good luck!


250grams Bisodiumcarbonate

65grams Cream of Tartar

50grams SLS or SLSA powder

+/-50 grams fluid surfactants of choice (Betain)

Littlebit of Glycerine


Fragrance or essential oil (optional) -> 5 %









Bakingsheet (preferably silicone)

1.Start of by weighing thebicarb in a mixing bowl;

2.Now put the bicarb throughthe strainer into the large mixing bowl;

3.Now weigh the cream oftartar. Put this also through the strainer (it is quite lumpy) into the bowl;

4.If you want to add otherpowdered ingredients you can do so at this point. Mix the dry ingredients well;

5.Now add the fragrance and mixthis through the dry mixture;

6.Make sure the fragrance isfully incorperated. It might be helpfull to squeeze it with your hands until you do not feel anylumps;

7.Now put your mask on and verycarefully weigh the SLS/SLSA. This is a very fine powder that can irritate yourlungs, so keep kids/animals out of the room and air very well;

8.Add the powder to themixture;

9.Fold the mixture verycarefully. If you mix too vigorously the dust will send you out of the roomcoughing your lungs out;

10.Add your fluid surfactantslittle by little;

11.Now put your gloves on andknead the mixture. If it is too dry you add a bit more liquid surfactant, if itis too wet you add a bit of tapioca powder;

12.You are ready when themixture forms a ball and your gloves are pretty clean;

13.Now mix your colourant(s)with a little glycerine. Try to make sure no lumps are left as these will showin your final product;

14.Divide your mixture in theparts you want to colour. Keep one part in the mixing bowl and set the rest aside;

15.Now add your colourant andknead with your hands until the colour is solid. If the mixture becomes toosticky, just add some tapioca powder;

16.Sprinkle some tapioca on thesilicone sheet and put one part of the mixture on this;

17.Now push the mixture downwith your fingers to make a flat pancake;

18.If the top gets sticky, justdust with some tapioca. The thinner the pancake, the easier to roll;

19.Now add your second layer ontop of the first and flatten this one as well;

20.Now fold the bottom over andpush down lightly;

21.Now fold the bottom of thesheet over a bit further, so more gets rolled;

22.Continue until the roll isfully rolled up. Now squeeze the roll lightly, so all layers stick together;

23.Cut the roll in equal parts;


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Wow thanks so much. Everyone loves bubble bars. Very generous of you to share your recipe!

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Have you tired this recipe using a mold? I'm just curious as to how they do in a mold.
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Thank you for sharing...the recipe I used was all glycerine and they never really went hard
Soap Boxx
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Is tapioca powder and tapioca flour the same thing?
"...people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." ~Maya Angelou
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Soap enjoy
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dudeitashley wrote:


Have you tired this recipe using a mold? I'm just
curious as to how they do in a mold.

I don't try this, but maybe you can try this and share your results? I think you have to let them completely dry, before you can get them out of the mold.

Clemmy wrote:

Is tapioca powder and tapioca flour the same thing?
I don't know, but search on google.


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