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Wholesale is also selling in person- you have to get (and keep) wholesale accounts which means some face-to-face work in many instances

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Originally Posted by ilovebathing View Post
It's is definitely interesting when I read everyone's post. When I lived in the Philippines, there were cattle ranchers who would "park" their carts in the middle of our land selling leather materials, and that was without technology. It was their way of making a living and perhaps also because they can carry everything with them. So all I can say is, it is definitely something to try and invest in. I also remembered one important thing, if you plan to do this yourself, it will take lots of time and even more so than a full time job. If you then decide to have a business partner, make sure this person is someone reliable and willing to handle whatever comes along with the business etc, meeting with other vendors with you. I had invested on an art bus, a bus that would travel city to city teaching children how to paint or make art. One day my business partner didn't go with me in dealing with our marketing video guy (who helped us with visual material) and to make the long story short, it was a bad idea to go by myself, hence the unreliable business partner who didn't commit in going with me. These are just my experiences and hopefully this will give you a sense of what to expect perhaps.
Originally Posted by cmzaha View Post
While no one wants to kill someone's dream I will again mention it is hard hard work and not big return when selling soap. If traveling to different cities and venues you are really not spending the time to build up a clientele like you would at a market you attend regularly. You risk only acquiring the customer that buys because it is pretty or smells good and many of those do not purchase again or move on to someone else's soap because it looks pretty or smells good. These people do not realize a difference in quality. Many customers do realize there is good and bad soap or the one's that get hooked on yours and will not even consider buying from another vendor. I have customers that do recognize the difference but it took several years to get to that point. My booth and label is recognized at most markets I attend even if I show up once a year, but this took over 5 yrs to happen. I do not even have a banner and they know who I am, lol, probably the one without a banner . I do make money, although not much now since my parents require full time care. Heck, last weekend I sold over $200 while working on my rental house, my customer came and picked up their products they wanted. You have to love making soap and love the hard work of attending markets. My hubby and I enjoy meeting people and seeing our vendor friends, but as we are getting older it is getting harder. I carry $2 mil insurance, most markets in our area require $1 mil.

My daughter originally started this venture with big dreams and I told her she was a few years late. She did make a living for her family, since she did not have to pay rent or house payment, in the beginning but 2 yrs ago the sales started declining so badly she gave up on her end, but still misses it. This was during the economic crash and her husband was out of work. There was just to many now selling handmade and decorative m&p products. Her sales were online and I think it was harder work promoting daily than going to markets.

Sorry I am rambling so I will go to work now...back to the rental and painting
It is a lot of work! Most soapers don't have a crew to set up shop, which requires loading and unloading car and set up displays. Then there's the making of soaps and things, the set up, the recipe, and the clean up. Plus the packaging/wrapping. And the list goes on.
It takes a lot of energy to stay positive with people that what 2 bars for 10.00 or buy one get one free. It is a costly art of soap making.
But I love soap making, and I believe, that is what keeps me going. I use all of the bad for good.

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