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I like scents in the air in limited amounts -- a closet or bathroom or sometimes around my desk. But not all over the house and not all the time. I recently stayed overnight in a local guest cabin, and the owners had one of those plug-in commercial air fresheners running in the cabin. I had to unplug the dang thing, open the windows in sub-freezing weather, turn the bathroom vent fan on, and wait for the place to air out. Ugh.

I wish the OP would come back and clarify what this person really wants for this air freshener idea. I'd like to know too.

Edit: I have a caution about the shake-n-spray air freshener. Vodka and citrus essential oils can damage wood finishes, so it's imperative to watch where one sprays this stuff. Don't ask me why I know this. I also prefer to solubilize the essential oils into the vodka-water mixture by using some polysorbate 80. That eliminates the need to shake and the possibility of getting a high dose of EOs in the air one time and less the next time.

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Good point, DeeAnna.

Personally I wouldn't make anything with vodka anyway for a couple of reasons, and especially if it could end up in the hands of a minor, which it could if given to other people.

I have used those plug-in scent thingies, but you are so right about some of the scents being cloying! Fragrance is such a personal thing.

And opening windows and doors in sub-zero weather to air out the joint, been there too. More often than not, for me it's in cheap motels. Less about cloying air fresheners than about just plain nasty air. Fresh air is so nice, even if it is cold.

A funny story. My granddaughter and I were seeking overnight lodging in Roswell, NM one night and I pulled into the parking lot of a motel on the main drag through town. It looked familiar and I thought we'd probably stayed there before. When I mentioned that to her, my granddaughter said, 'Grandma that's the one that smells so bad we couldn't sleep.' I was glad she reminded me, because it had been just horrible. We ended up staying at a very nice, but pricey hotel that night. But no need to air out the joint.

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I make my air fresheners out of a mixture of corn cob pellets and crushed walnut shells (both bought at the pet store down the bedding aisle). Once the FO has completely absorbed into them, I place them in those colorful gauze sachet/drawstring bags that one can find at any craft store.

Basically, what I do is this: I measure out 3 tbsp. of the corn cob pellets and mix them with 1 tbsp. of the crushed walnut shells into a clean jar. Then I add 5 mLs of FO to the jar and mix it around well until evenly distributed. Then I cover the jar and place it in a cool dark place for about 3 days or so, giving the jar a good shake whenever I think about it. Usually after 3 days, the FO has completely absorbed. Once that happens, I stuff one of the drawstring bags with it and hang it up by the string on a nail in a room, or on the rearview mirror of my car, etc... I make sure that I hang it up instead of setting it directly down where it will have direct contact on things such as wood furniture or countertops, etc... because I want to prevent any possibility of the FO marring such surfaces. If you set it down somewhere instead of hanging it up, make sure it's sitting in a little glass bowl or something like that.

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I really need to do something better in my car, right now I have a piece of paper towel clipped to the vent. I normally just use whatever I soaped with last to go on a bit of paper towel (the last bit in the pipette, normally).
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I've seen Pinterest posts about using a wooden clothes clip (brain fart on name) with a few drops of eo on it, but I'd worry about the fragrance eventually eating away at the wood. There are car diffusers that plug into the cigarette lighter. I've only seen them advertised on Pinterest but haven't actually looked for them elsewhere.

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