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Originally Posted by quita View Post
Thanks. I was under the impression that DOS only happened in Cold Process. I will be on the look out.
DOS can happen in hot process, too.

As you can see, there's a lot of misinformation lurking out there on the net in regards to lye-based soap-making- whether in regard to CP or HP. It's downright difficult for those new to the craft to be able to discern the truths from the myths, unfortunately.

But thankfully, we have a lot of experienced soap-makers here on the forum who have been making soap for years and that love the craft, and who understand the chemistry behind soap-making..... and who are generously willing to share their knowledge and experiences with us on a day to day basis so that we are better able to make our way through the mine-field of misinformation out there.

It seems that a lot of the misinformation I've seen making the rounds lately has to do with HP, especially the high-water HP methods that make the batter more fluid so that it looks more streamlined, like CP. From what I've heard, many are making this kind of HP and selling it within the first 2 weeks of making it (if not sooner), thinking that because it's HP, it doesn't need to cure. But as the good Gent so rightly pointed out in his post, though- HP actually benefits from a longer cure than CP.

As many of us here have found out and can attest to- 'safe to use' does not always equate with 'ready to use'. There's oftentimes a big difference between them.

I personally don't like to use my HP before at least 6 weeks have gone by. If I use it much sooner than that, it melts away faster than ice cream in a hot oven. Well, okay....maybe not that fast, but it doesn't last nearly as long as my 4-week old CP batches, which, by the way, are as zapless and safe to use as my HP batches are the very next day after pour because I let them go through ful gel. But neither kind are as pleasant to use early on as they are several weeks down the road later.


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I see we got off topic here so the consensus among you all is to not sanitize the pipettes (I sanitize my bottles with alcohol and steam). Just making sure. I can only imagine that dust and other thing settle in the warehouse where these thing are stored and I would not be a fan of rubbing that on my face or body.
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I do not sanitize my pipettes. There is no need. Everything else, I just spray with 91% alcohol.
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