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Back to making soaping videos. Check out my channel on youtube - Earthly Kisses.
Good morning! I am very new and can not for the life of me figure out how in the world i start a new topic!

Could you kindly help me!
Angie hi is Danuta Again, I kind of screwed with paying, I mean I paid my membeship using paypal but somehow I set it on your site to recurring payments. I do not like that, I am sorry, Can you help me to fix it> I prefer to pay as it goes. Who knows what happen next year. Thank you Angie
Hi Daisymay, I saw your post about the little heart soaps. They are very sweet. Since you are new to soap making, you might consider buying a simple heart mold, like a milkyway: http://www.milkywaymolds.com/products/swirled-heart-soap-mold.aspx
This will give you an easy mold to use with CP (cold process soaps) or Melt and pour soaps, but the back is always flat.
To get the completely rounded heart, you would need a mold in 2 pieces. http://flexiblemolds.com/Heart%20Molds.htm
I've never used a mold like this, they seem a bit more complicated to me, but don't let me discourage you. Best of luck to you.
Hi, this might be a cheeky question, but how strict are you with the rules using the sell forum? I used to be a very active member & made soap for a number of years, but due to certain circumstances can no longer do it and therefore have nothing to contribute to SMF by way of being an active user. I have a number of wooden molds that I need to let go of, and would like to find someone to take them. This seems like the best place for targeting an audience! I understand if the rules around being active for 6 months are strict, but thought that there was no harm in asking.
Hello AmyK! I was looking through the Fragrance Oil Review spreadsheet and I noticed that you tested Nature's Garden Lemon fragrance oil. You indicated that you "like this so far"; the spreadsheet does not indicate when the review was written. I was considering ordering the fragrance oil as I cannot get lemon essential oil to stick in my cold process soap. How long would you say that the scent remained strong in the cured bar?
Thanks in advance,
Hi Julie,

My deepest apologies because I just saw your message today. I had been off the forum for over a year and just returned.
Hi Aline,

I was never alerted that you sent this message and I am just seeing it for the first time today, sorry about that.

I'm not sure what code you are speaking of. I'm just getting my business up and running, but can't remember when I was asked for a code at one time, I know I was and I know I filled out something, but can't remember when or where, sorry.

Hope you are well. I saw you were getting rid of a bunch of fragrances a while ago. Are you still selling?