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Dec 14, 2020
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So, I had an experience. I was making some soap using turmeric as the colorant and I didn't realize 5 gr was too much. Talk about pumpkin orange. Oy vey! To lighten it, I used 2 tsp of titanium dioxide. This lightened the soap considerably to a lighter calmer , but still orange soap. And just when I lost hope I said. "what they hey I'll do it anyway" and I plunged ahead and added my scent (which did not match orange for visual appeal. I like to match soap color with scent)

And right before my eyes , like magic, like alchemy, my soap began to transform color! Presto chango, it became butternut daffodil yellow! I kid you not. I was SOOO THRILLED at this delightful surprise, I wanted to pinch myself. I surely must have been dreaming.

My pumpkin orange soap went from pumpkin, to creamy orange, to light orange to creamy rich yellow!!!

My theory is that ZCS stabilizer had something to do with this. When I added the scent it was already premixed with ZCS. As soon as the scent/ZCS were added, the soap transformed colors.
Has anyone else experienced this delightful surprise ?
Could it really be the ZCS that turned my soap from light orange to yellow?
Help me out folks 🤣😁🤣

Any guesses what my soap scent was? Hint: you use it in cooking. And it's yellow.

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