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Aug 6, 2021
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California USA
I did the quart of water with 1 Tbsp each sea salt and baking soda. I only made one batch of soap with it and put the rest in the fridge. It's been sitting in there for 4-5 weeks but it was the same after 1 day. There is salt and/or soda in the bottom of the jar. The picture may look like a thick layer but it's not as thick as it looks. Do I need to shake this right before I use it, or just pour the clear water from the top?

One more question, I want to use citric acid to cut back on the soap scum in the sink. I'm thinking I would mix my citric acid with distilled water to dissolve it, then add that water to my lye water. I would adjust the amount of total water needed using the lye calculator at soapmakingfriend to account for the CA. Is that the right way to do that?