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Feb 20, 2008
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i was wondering what the difference is between the fragrance oils you buy from soap supply places vs. the home fragrance oils you can get at places like yankee candle (the kind you use with diffuser sticks, for example.) are they unsuitable for use in soapmaking (like for small experimental batches?) has anyone tried this?
when you purchase fragrance oil and plan on using them in bath and body products including soap you need to make sure the seller says it's body safe or something to that effect saying it's ok for B&B products.

If it doesn't say that you might want to shy away from it and choose another.

Some sellers even say it's NOT body safe. So read the fine print.
ah, yeah. wasn't thinking in those terms, only about how the oils might react in the soap. one track mind an all, ha.

Like Faithy mentioned and Tab in a post not too long ago, there are scent levels and combos of those levels. Candle only safe scents are for candlrs only! Soap safe scents that are safe for only soap, since you do not leave it on the skin too long and wash it off. The last one is body safe, meaning it is alright to use it in lotions or creams that are absorbed into our bodies by our largest organ, our skin.