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Jul 22, 2010
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Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Just reading yesterday's email and like it. New:

1. No more packaging peanuts, being replaced by air pillows made from recycled, biodegradable material. Yay!!!!!

2. 30 percent off FO sale Sunday and Monday.

3. $5 handling fee per order (last straw was recent UPS increase of 4.9 percent). To me this is reasonable, got no problem with it.

4. No more auto-roundups for autism donations. If you want to donate you'll need to choose to do so -- to roll out over next few days.
Debbie says they're having this sale because so many customers were disappointed that so many fragrances were out of stock during their December sale, so they've stocked up and are offering this to make up for it... if there's interest I'm happy to copy/paste the email, though it's rather lengthy.
I just saw this in my email, too, and am so excited. During their recent sale, I ordered several FOs, some new ones, and a couple of restocks, but the one I wanted most... Nag Champa, was sold out. So I'm gonna be super upset if I don't get it this time. (fingers crossed) And I'm thrilled that they won't be using those freaking peanuts any more!!!!!!!!!!

For some reason I don't get their emails. I'm quite happy about this. I missed their last sale! It also sounds like theyre really listening to customers. It makes me more inclined to want to purchase from them more.
Just reading yesterday's email and like it. New:

1. No more packaging peanuts, being replaced by air pillows made from recycled, biodegradable material. Yay!!!!!


Those packaging peanuts are from hell.
I think the email also said that if a fragrance goes out of stock during the sale it will be placed on back order.
The UPS store near me will no longer accept packing peanut brought in. I don't know why but I was very disappointed. I try to re-use peanuts whenever possible but I don't have occasion to mail that much stuff.
Oh goody! Maybe I can get my Sun & Sand for 30% off. It was the only FO that I ordered during the last sale was back ordered.

Re: peanuts: You may want to do a google search on recycling peanuts in your city. I just did so, and I got a whole list of companies in my area that accept used peanuts for re-use. There was even a cookie store on the list.

IrishLass :)
Did someone say cookies?

Peanuts- they drive me nuts too. I'm so happy about their announcement to stop using them. Very nice! I have been keeping them in plastic garbage bags. I figure I can use them when I send my soaps to family members. I'm just always a little paranoid that they will attract a stray hair or some other foreign matter that will gross out he recipient of my package. :think:
I had my ordered al typed up and ready to hit exactly at midnight east coast time. I didn't order many, and only order small amounts, so I have 6 new fragrances coming, another 1 lb silicone mold, and a small amount of oil. I'm glad I got on line earlier today and read the descriptions and reviews.
I hope Irishlass got her Sun & Sand, I was half asleep when I put my order in and forgot all about Nag Champa (bummed, I really wanted to try it), but did get a bottle of a couple of good sellers and few smaller bottles of some new fragrances to me, Pacific Waters, Abalone & Sea, & Ocean Rain. Going for ocean scents as the only place I sell my soap is at the seaside hotel gift shop where I work.