Wranglers Butt/Naked butt- anyone old enough to remember this FO?

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Jan 20, 2018
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not for FB to know
I got this small sample back in 2000 and I want to say that it was old then, maybe from 1997?
Smells like Leather and a good one too.
Anyway, I can't remember who made it. Anyone here been soaping since then remember? I think it was in a 2 or 4 oz bottle, white but I only had 1 oz left.

I made a Salt bar with it back in 2018... yes I used a 20 y/o FO ! It didn't smell rancid and it was a 1# tester salt bar just for me. This thing STILL smells amazing and a 1 oz to 1# SALT bar was awesome ! Remember that Salt bars can make an FO not stick as well so normally you have to be careful which FO's you use as some you can't use more...
Anyway, one of these bars is in my shower as we speak...................STILL AWESOME.

I am going to be a little snarky here........ If you Don't have info on this particular FO PLEASE DON'T post. I am trying just to find out who it was BACK THEN that made it .....not who has a leather FO.
HAHA, I just saw that someone is looking for a leather fo...😂 that is not what I am looking for

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