WOW!! You all are AWESOME POSSUM!!!

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Apr 22, 2008
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I gotta tell you all, just WOW :shock: ! I have been making soap for awhile now. But I can never get anything to look as good as you all! My are plain Janes.

Your soaps are not plain jane. I love'em. I have only made 2 batches. I am going to try round next. Is it hard to get out?

Thank you :eek:}

Thank you very much. It is very easy. When I am ready to mold my soap I tell my husband "O.k. I'm off to use my expensive molds" HA HA. :lol:
I bought PVC pipe from Lowe's, I didn't treat it or anything. (I rinsed it out) Then I kept my pringles cans with the lids. I tape a lid to the bottom of the PVC pipe, Then I add my soap. When my soap is in I bang the pipe on the ground, it seems to get out all of the bubbles. Then I insert the pringles can in the open end and tape it shut. I warp it in a blanket and put in the warmest closet of the house. In 3 days I untape both ends and push the pringles can through slowly. Then presto! It comes out pretty easy and it's cheap.
Hi, I'm lost. :? Why do you insert the pringles can after your pour and isn't it made of colored cardboard and shouldn't touch the soap?
Well, I for one would have never thought of that :shock:

I like your soaps very much momev3. They looked to me to be lovely, gentle and relaxing, not plain jane. I would not be able to resist them.

WOW~~ i don't think your soaps are plain Janes at all~~

if anything i realy like them..and that is the kind of soaps i would like to make. your soaps look natural and *home made* to is just the way i like them. :) thanks for sharing!~~~