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Jan 12, 2021
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Tennessee, USA
So yesterday, I fell. 😩🙄 I was pretty close to the back door into my house, which is brick. I face planted right into the corner of a brick, and now I have a big gash on my forehead. I’ve also got pretty respectable scrapes on my left knee and elbow, and a couple of bumps. Nothing serious.

But I want to use home remedies to support and speed healing, especially for my face (which, at age 50, has enough working against it already!). I’ve applied Manuka honey to my wounds, but I know that some of us here are of a homeopathic mindset, so I wanted to pick y’all’s brains. What’s your favorite home remedy for scrapes/cuts?
The only proven advice I have to to keep it out of any sunlight until it's very well healed. Sunlight exposure can induce/worsen scarring. Perhaps add extra vitamins C and B complex to your diet as well. Skin needs nutrition and it's better to get it internally rather than externally.
I'm so sorry to hear of that fall. Best wishes on healing quickly and well. So nice to have so many knowledgeable members here to help you.
From my experience, I did a short course through my Naturopath a long time ago for personal use and keep arnica, calendula and rosehip in the cupboard.
Arnica is for bruises specifically, on unbroken skin, ( I've used it for bruises on my hand, after drumming) not cuts, I use calendula ointment from the health food store on cuts, it's suppose to bring the skin together. I have a large scar on my face and used 1 drop of rosehip oil rubbed in daily after the skin came together, I did this for a year, to help with healing.
On areas with broken skin I would not use any lotion or creams due to the increased risk of infection and some ingredients can delay wound healing. Around the wound is fine. Medical honey is great for wounds and helps with healing.

Foods high in vitamin C help the body make collagen which is essential to wound healing. Vitamin E is also good. Here’s more information on promoting wound healing. https://www.mountsinai.org/health-library/condition/wounds
I was also going to mention comfrey. I picked up a tin of Herb Farm Original Salve at a local health food store a few months back and have used it on a couple cuts. It seems to work very well. It has a base of olive oil, beeswax, benzoin and rosemary, with comfrey, St Johns wort, calendula, chickweed, mullein and plantain.


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