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May 26, 2015
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Got word from my dad this morning that mom's being moved from ICU to a nursing home and to contact hospice. It's just a matter of time now. I'm leaving tomorrow for Chattanooga, TN to stay with my sister-in-law who's not far from where mom will be so I can visit her daily and help care for her. She'll also be able to visit with my son who's her only grandchild that she hasn't seen in over a year I'm sad to say.

So no soap making for me, nor even thoughts of it for several weeks. I'll be staying up there at least until late August before school starts down here. I'm taking tons of my knitting and crochet with me so I'll have something to do to try and keep my aching, grieving mind busy. Love to all and I'm taking my laptop so I can hopefully check in every now and again, but probably not much.
Hopefully you and your mom will find some peace and comfort, and I am sure she will enjoy seeing her grandson. Thankfully you will get to be with her for at least a while longer. Have a safe trip. My mom is 89 and I know I will not get to enjoy her too many more years.
I'm so sorry to hear about you mom soapmage. It's good that you are able to go spend time with her. Don't forget to take care of yourself too, it's too easy to wear yourself out during times of stress and grief.

I can't even imagine how you must be feeling. Just know that we are all thinking of you and your family.
So sorry to hear about your mom, Soapmage. :( Spend every moment with her that you can. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

IrishLass :)
So sorry, Mage. I am glad you get to have this time with her, and that she gets to spend time with her boy/your son. Check in when you can, know that we will be thinking of you, and look forward to your return.
My thoughts and prayers are with you! Take this time to say everything you think you might want to. Even if you think she can't hear you. They hear more than you think. Hearing and touch are the last two senses to go.
Take care of yourself during this stressful time. And bring some soap for mom - she might like it.
I am sorry about the sad news. Cherish every moment you have, Be with her all the way. Help her to pass peacefully and do not show your pain. I could not be with my mother when she was passing away. (
So sorry to hear this Soapmage, please stay strong.
Dahlia, that's so sad, what happened to you. I'm so far away from my mom but she is the rock in my life. Just the thought of something happening to her scares the hell out of me.