Why don't you like olive oil?


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Mar 9, 2017
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SE Denver CO
For my winter soap, I use OO. I love the softer feel and less-stripping properties. I just use it in smaller percentage with tallow as the heavy-hitter to bulk out the soap and keep away that slime. You know the slime. My mother loves a pure Castile, which I make for her, but I don't feel it's aged appropriately until it's fully 2 years old.
Hiya Morpheus, you may want to try Zany's No Slime Castile. See whatcha think. Personally, I have mature, sensitive, dry skin and I wash my face with it 2 X daily, in the AM & PM. I start testing a batch with a small end cutting after 2 days. It is cured enough to label and mail after 2 weeks, although the longer the cure, the milder the soap.

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Jan 20, 2010
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It's the salt, isn't it? And the enchantment from the bicarb of course, but mostly the salt. :cool:

Yeah, I'll try that, thanks! It'll be a lot easier than banking soap for two whole years in the bedroom closet!

Michele M.

Oct 10, 2020
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Well, it is certainly disheartening to hear how many people are experiencing dryness, tightness and itchiness from using olive oil soaps! I appreciate that one or more people in the thread have expressed positive results as well. My hair has always been dry hair and in my older years now it's probably drier than ever. I ordered and plan to use some of that 100% olive oil soap made in Palestine as a shampoo bar and will let you all know how it goes. I found it interesting that in the video about their soaps the man said that lather only happens once all of the dirt is cut -- which indicates to me a mildness to the soap -- and also that he said that he believes their main "secret" ingredient is the high quality olive oil used. So, we'll see. it's rather expensive to purchased on eBay or Amazon, so I really appreciate the person who mentioned she was going to look in a local Arab store. I plan to do the same! Meanwhile, my soaps -- I ordered two -- should arrive in a week or so and can't wait to try it!

This is the video I'm talking about:

QUESTION: Do you all think I should rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar after shampooing with the olive oil soap? (And -- should I avoid using white distilled vinegar for same?)