Why does all my soap smell like oatmeal?????

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Jan 2, 2008
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Hi all!

I'm new here and have been lurking and reading the posts. There is so much information here. I'm so glad I found this forum. Well I have successfully made two CP batches. I'm hooked. I'm having dreams about soap and I can't go into a store without thinking about what might work as a mold. My husband thinks I've lost my mind!

Anyway, to my question. The first soap I made was an oatmeal complexion bar. It had oatmeal in it, duh. Main oils were Crisco, olive and coconut.

The second batch I made was an Avocado recipe. The main oils in this one were Lard, olive and coconut. The only thing I added to this was a Bergamot EO scent.

It also smells like oatmeal!!!!

Does anyone know what is making it smell like oatmeal?

Thanks in advance!

I added 2 teaspoons for a 1 lb bar. I guess maybe the oatmeal smell is actually just the natural soap smell.

I was thinking it might have something to do with the olive or coconut oil. I also used extra virgin olive oil, and I've read that might not be the best oil to use in soap.
I read somewhere once that extra virgin is difficult to sapofy, and takes a lot longer to cure. Don't know if there is any truth to it or not.

For me, any time I make soap, it's like picking a number out of a hat as to what it will turn out like. It seems to change so much as it sapofies. But that's from inexperience and it keeps it from getting boring.
Yea, it's probably just the smell of the lye reacting with the acids, oils, to make soap. I see you used lard, it will smell kinda like thatduring and after saponification. 8) Not to worry, as it ages and cures, the smell will go away. 8) I kinda like that smell, as it reminds me of my grandma cooking old fashoned lye soap when I was a kid! :) Good dern soap lard makes!

Paul... :wink:

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