Why are my body butters molding?

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Aug 26, 2014
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Is arrowroot going moldy in anhydrous products something that has happened to you? Wouldn't it still have to have water getting in it somehow in order for mold to grow? I've never heard of that happening without water before. I just bought a bag of arrowroot that I haven't used yet. If the powder itself contains a small amount of water, maybe I'll have to dry it in the oven before adding it to things.
For cutting greasiness, I like isopropyl myristate. That won't cause mold. For my solid lotions I also use butters and oils that are less greasy to begin with, like babassu and fractionated coconut. I have added cornstarch before but I don't like how it feels.
Is isopropyl myristate some type of alcohol


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May 12, 2020
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I use glass jars 💫🤗.
1: Some plastic containers can be in hot boiling water for 5 minutes' check w/ manufacture:
2. Use 1 tea of bleach in a gallon of water soak for 15 minutes will sanitize plastic:
3. The "Sun" sanitizes too, 30-60 minutes in direct sun will kill bacteria. A Trick From My Undertaker Uncle. 💫👍🏼:
4: Alcohol is great: but you use this already. 👍🏼💫
Bleach is your best bet. Sunlight actually takes hours to kill bacteria, not minutes, and it has to be direct sunlight from close to overhead. Basically in order to sanitize that way, you'd have to keep rotating and flipping the lids over, and it would take days to get the entire surface. Bleach is faster and far more reliable. Some people use Star San with good results. I just got some but haven't done much with it yet.
And remember, if you use isopropyl or ethyl alcohol, it needs to have 30 to 40% water in it or it won't sanitize. It's easiest to just buy 70% alcohol pre-mixed and use that. Higher percentages of alcohol don't sanitize.

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