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Aug 30, 2008
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I have someone interested in wholesaling with me. I make melt n pours from all natural base. Does anyone know of a good contract? I have no idea about anything to do with wholesaling. Can someone please help me with pricing, terms, quantity and contracts? I need to tell this lady something. Thanks so much.

I think I have read somewhere that 2x cost for wholesale. retail is 3x cost. Maybe Paul, Lane or Tabitha will be better help.
2X is the national standard for wholesale & 4X for retail.

If you really want to compete you need to offer 50% off your suggested retail price as your wholesale price. It's the US standard. I worked at the Dallas World Trade Center & I am going to have to say 99.99% of serious buyers & shop owners won't even look at a line unless they are offered 50 off retail.

The reason? If you offer a different amount off, like 30%, your retail price will undercut their retail price.

For example: You sell soap for $3.00 a bar, you wholesale it for $2.00 a bar, the shop needs to double that & sell it for $4.00 a bar to cover rent, electricity, employees, advertisment, etc.

If the customer sees you sell it for $3.00 online or at a craft show & they just bought it for $4.00 they are going to get hot & be angry w/ your wholesale customer who in turn will probably not be a repeat customer for you.

You will need a minimum initial order of $X and minimum reorder of $X.
I knew you'd have the answer!!! You are full of very helpful info and love your advise. always looking to see what you've said next. I have learned alot just from you.

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