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May 3, 2008
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South Riding, VA
Can someone tell me more about whipped soap?

How is it done?
Why is it done?
Does it look better/different?
Feel better/different?

Very interested to know...

without looking at that link, all I can say about whipped soap is: it increases the amount of air in the mixture and thus makes a greater volume of soap....and: the soap should float.
One thing I've learned when doing it Nizzys way is to work a little fast IF you want a nice swirl and such. This stuff gets stiff quick. Really read his directions and then find your own way to do it. Everyone does. It's fun and very entertaining to make. Nizzy is a DOLL too so if you needed to contact him I'm sure he would be most helpful.
Terry is a great Aussie chap! He is the best at whipped soap for sure! I had been around him for years at another forum, nice guy! :)

Paul :wink: