whipped body butter in the tropics

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Jan 30, 2016
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I wanna try to make a small batch of whipped body butter/mousse for myself. I live in the tropics, temperature is high 90s on average with 90% humidity or higher.

What's a good butters and oils ratio / percentage to keep the buttery texture nice and not too melted? Any tips what additive to add or what oils to avoid to cut the oiliness?

Also, is using whisk that comes with my stick blender for soapmaking fine or should I invest on buying a stand mixer?

Thank you all :)
I used the whisk that came with my stick blender I bought for soap to do my whipped butter. It worked wonderfully.
Use 92 degree coconut oil and high melt Shea butters as your solids. That will help a TON. I'd do 55% Shea, 25% coconut and 20% liquid oil. That's typically about 5% too high for your solid fats, but I think it might be just right for your climate. For your liquid, I'd go with maybe macadamia nut- those solids are on the 'greasy' side; the macadamia nut oil will I think help balance that out.

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