Whimsical Bagels and Pure Goat Tallow

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Jun 28, 2021
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Yesterday I made a batch of salt bars using a recipe that @Obsidian shared. They are scented with Nurture Soap Champagne and they also have poppy seeds and cornmeal in them. Because of the poppy seeds I figured "bagels" was a more accurate description than "doughnuts". I had wonderfully fluid batter the whole process and I am stunned at the pigmentation Material Girl has for the pink.

The second batch I made yesterday was first every batch of 100% home-raised goat tallow soap. Exactly three ingredients: Goat tallow, goat milk, and sodium hydroxide. I made a big mistake with this in that I had my lye solution at room temperature. Goat fat is solid at room temp so when I added the lye solution to my 105* fat it instantly started solidifying the fats. At least, that's what I assumed caused it to happen. It turned into the consistency of mashed potatoes within about 5 seconds of me stick blending. I jammed it in the mold and hoped for the best, and it seems like it turned out amazingly after all! I cannot believe I don't have any giant air bubbles in it! And that it actually took the shape of my silicone mat liner! I did this 100% goat tallow soap as a learning experience for better understanding the qualities of the goat tallow. I can tell already that it is going to be an insanely hard. I cut it in twelve hours, and it was a bit of a workout for my wire cutter. It honestly feels as hard as my normal soaps feel after a six week cure.

Can you believe that one on the left is the worst of the air bubbles inside the bar?! The one on the right is what the outside of the end pieces look like. All things considered, I am thrilled.
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They look great, makes sure to give them a nice long cure
I will! It's going to be hard though. My sister is the one that uses salt bars the most in my household and she's out of the previous batch I made with a different recipe. I'll make her wait at least six weeks and then if she starts quickly going through them, I'll cut her off and make her wait until they are a few months old.