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I just made it home everyone (7:50pm PST)

I stayed in a much better hotel, very nice.. will go again next year.
As for the show. It was slow. But I had alot of repeat customers from last week come and buy more items...

I also found out that the "other" soap lady there (just made creams, and lotions, and MP soap) was telling everyone that my creams was too greasy.. :? What a Bitch! :roll: Thats how she was selling her stuff..

She came by my booth when I was gone and talked to my mother. I walked up as they were speaking and she was trying everything :? . She brought some soap and told me that they (her and her mother) just learned how to make Cold Process soap from The Nova Studio. (A place out here in the bay area that teaches soap classes etc.)
I told her that was nice, and that I met the lady once. She brought some soap, and left. (which I didnt want to sell to her)
My mother asked me why I didnt.. I told her.. "Because she liked my packaging too much, she is going to take it apart and copy it... i give it 6 months and I will see it here somewhere."
My mom said "ooohhhh" I just rolled my eyes and walked off.. I told my mother its going to happen regardless of what I do...

My packaging is different.. they look like little gift boxes but they are not, some people thought I was a commerical chain company, and some people thought I was a MLM company.. which I had to tell them I was not and homemade.. some were surprised..

If I add the hotel stay, food, gas, and booth fee.. I didnt turn a profit.. but I did make $500 between the two weekends.. so it was ok. It should have been better but the economy is so bad.. I have three shows left. But nothing like this one thank gawd!

Oh and the store I went to visit turned out to be a consignment shop which she didnt bother to tell me, and tried to charge me an arm and leg and half of my kidney to sell in her store.. I told her to kiss my ass! LOL (made me drive hella far! LOL)

So.. no store... :) its ok... I have a sales rep looking at my stuff.. we will see...

You all miss me? LOL
Welcome back!

Welcome, back Smell! :D
It's getting more and more apparent that this handmade beauty products craft attracts a lot of "shady" folk, emotionally unstable individuals. Such is life.
Welcome back Shannan. Good luck on the rest of your shows this fall. I know you are biting your tongue, I know what that is like in my business too. Hang tough!

Paul.... :)
I'm glad you're home safe and sound too! :D

I think this weekend was just slow in general, I saw that a lot this weekend, even the bread vendors at the Market yesterday had a ton left. Plus it was weird in that it was busier in the morning? Just odd weekend all together.

I know what you mean about having your stuff copied, it's really annoying when YOU take the time to figure it out, get the sources for special components of it and then someone does that. There's another soaper that comes to my Market, and I'm generally really free with sharing sources, but just the way she did it, she comes right out and says "ooh I like that, I"m going to copy it, where do you get the...." and I say "don't know, the information is in my files in the Studio" and that;s the only time I've done that, but I get what you're saying.

Where was the consignment shop? What city? That's too bad they didn't telll you that's what it was. I don't do consignment either, it's wholesale or nothing! Too much book work! Not to mention they give you back damaged stuff, wont do that again!

Anyhow, glad you're home and glad it wasn't awful!
I wish ya had made tons of money but in this day and age it just ain't happening anymore. All of my shows have been duds too. Not just for me either. I had a ton of vendors come to my booth and talk about how crappy all of their shows have been lately too. At least you really didn't lose anything and you did get your name out there! That's a biggie!
No more drama from the purse lunatics? lol I was so looking forward to hearing more on that saga.. lol
I'm sure you are spot on about that other soaper copying your look. It seems people that have no confidence in what they sell like to talk down others to try to make them look better. What I have found tho is that it turns most customers off and they come to my booth to rat out the other vendor then they buy my stuff.. lol

Glad you're back tho!!
Thanks guys! The purse people were not allowed to come back.
There was alot of theft with all of the jewlery people. The lady next to me (jewlery) lost a $75 necklace someone stoled. They left the earring because they were taped down. She was one of those vendors that didnt acknowledge people when they were at her booth... she just wasnt paying attention.. She got so upset she packed up right in the middle of the day on Saturday and left. Management told her if she left she cant come back next year.. she didnt care... left anyway.

There were 5 more thefts in the other building next to us.. all jewlery. :roll: Alot of theft, hardly any sells... go figure.

The purse people across from us did really well, I think they were the only ones in the whole entire show who did really well. All in all, I would do this show next year.. I hope things get back to normal soon.. Our economy needs help... badly
Welcome back, and that woman sounds like many I have dealt with through the years in the cosmetic business- talk about a bunch of cut-throats! She just knows stiff competition when she sees it. Sounds like you had a good weekend overall, though. Good luck with everything,
I forgot to wish you good luck with the sales Rep, they make a fabulous difference when you get a good one. I have had a couple, good initially but then flakey, lets hope you found an awesome one! :D
Welcome back. My show this weekend was slow as well. But I believe that you should never think that a show is bad. Because of the exposure you got, you just never know what may come of this show for you down the road. You could end up picking up some great contract, or you could have a made a contact that will somehow be beneficial to you in the future. It could end up in the long run being one of the best shows you ever do.
It's getting more and more apparent that this handmade beauty products craft attracts a lot of "shady" folk, emotionally unstable individuals. Such is life.

NEA, I think all that lye seeps into their brains-LOL! Just kidding.

freshwater pearl is right, you only see that behavior from people who are *worried* about competition.
Welcome back! Could the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday curtail people from spending at these shows? I know when I'm cooking and having people over, or saving it up for a good sale (black Friday) I tend to pick & choose where I spend it. I figure the shows or auctions (whatever) will always be there, but, geez, that sale is like the lottery! :lol:

In any case, there will always be other shows!
I have three shows left. and also found a farmers market I can do next year.. thats a plus
If you follow the trends, all middle class retail companies are down even from their summer profits, Khols, Pennys, Macys, etc. I expected things to be down from last year, but summer is THE slowest shopping time of the year & fall sales are even odwn from this years summer sales nation wide. That's really bad!
Bad news....not only is a slow retail Christmas season projected, but the economic slump will probably get even worse in the future. Stores stocked less this year because of it, so consumers will see less bargains on Black Friday. People are spending their money conservatively, and for good reason. This may impact everyone's sales this year. :(