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that forum says it all : more proof that there are two type [ may be more if we look harder ] of soap makers , the first one is which most of us subscribe to , one who holds it dear and try to lift it up to high standards ..... much like a parent caring for their child and wanting the very best for that child . now the second type falls into the " foster parent all i care about is collect a check" , the make it quick its easy type. that is why i love this forum , there is no compromising the truth , take it or leave it
I've stopped commenting on any posts (Reddit or Facebook) where I feel the advise will fall on deaf ears or I will be contradicted in the next post. That means I don't really mention HP/CP cure time unless it's something like "why is my HP soap melting away so fast in the shower".

There ARE some extremely knowledgeable people on that subReddit though so don't be too harsh on it. I've learned some great info on it. It's few and far between. I'll have to find that one post I thought had some great info. There's a user who has tons of knowledge and pops in periodically. I wonder who he/she is.