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Jan 19, 2008
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This is a dumb noobie question, I'm sure...but what would happen if you put both eo and fo in one batch? Can it be done without dire consequences?
Blend away!

Many fragrance oils contain some essential oil anyway.

Just make sure the combined blend does not exceed the recommended usage amounts for your product.

I use lavender essential oil and vanilla cookie for my lavender vanilla blend.

Just remember, it takes far less EO than it does fo. For instatnce, in my laveneder vanilla blend I use 1/4 tsp lavender fo to 1 tablspoon vanilla fragrance oil.
WOW!!! That is absolutely great news! I was sure I was going to read that it would do something terrible to the batch. With this option, there can really be some truly fantastic scented soaps. I will be in scent heaven. How do I know what the usage amount is for my soap batch?

Your blend sounds delicious. Is that ratio ppo and how big is that batch?

Thanks for the info.
Neil, with my luck...I wouldn't doubt it. That's why I asked. I wasn't leaving anything to chance.
hi tab,

I am planning to blend my Lavender Eo and Vanilla Fo for my next batch.

So u don't weight your fo and eo? I am thinking to use 0.5 oz Lavender and 1 oz Vanilla Fo for 2 lb batch.

will it be ok?

Do the cotton ball test. :D

Place like 2 drops of Lavender EO to 1 drop of vanilla FO, squeeze the cotton ball to mix the scents together well, then drop in a Ziploc baggie for a few hours to overnight. Open up the baggie and sniff. If 2:1 is not right to you start again with a new ratio. Always remember to use a new cotton ball and new baggie each time, or your test will be impaired. I've used this method of mixing scents for about 2 years now. It is a neat trick someone helped me to learn when I was a newbie! :wink:

Paul :wink:

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