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Aug 27, 2007
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I'm planning on ordering a soap mold (3 x 4 x 1) from Wholesale Supplies Plus. But it's too big for the soap box (2 3/4 x 3 13/16 x 1 3/16) on that site. The soap I ordered is mp. What's the best way to wrap it? Saran wrap? I want something nice and neat, and for selling later on (after everything's been tested, etc). But also for storage.
Boxes would not owrk for 2 reasons. M&P must be kept air tight & M&P sticks to paper products because of the high glycerin content.

I wrap mine very snug in saran wrap then drop it down into a clear cello bag or place it in a clear acetate box depending on the presentation I need.

Saran alone will not protect the bar, you will get ding & nicks & people poking their fingernails into it :roll: .

If you use a cello bag or acetate box alone the soap will bounce around inside the bag/box & leave an undesireable trail like a snail....
I use cello bags for my MP soap bars. I don't have a problem with bouncing around when they go in the mail from MI to Alabama. Alto, I do use bubble wrap envelopes.

I buy my bags from a store called the flower factory, if you would like me to pick some up, I would be happy to. It is a vendor store.
While it *may* make the postal trip OK, if it sits in a store or a market or is at a craft show & more than 4-5 people pick it up, you will have snail trails & you will cus because you will have to re-bag & relabel everything.
Since I haven't made anything yet, I'm glad I asked first. I never would have known that and would have been stuck with the boxes. I thought I read somewhere that you could use wax paper? Maybe with a seal on the back to keep it together?
I read somewhere that someone used parchment paper? While it sounds good I wouldnt try it. I say that because there are tons of bases out there that will act differently because everyones weather conditions are not the same. I have made mp from one company and even in the humid weather, the soap did not have moisture or anything. I was even able to wrap up the soaps in wax paper. But, these are my own testing yours will obviously be different from mine :D Saran Wrap you can never go wrong with!
BTW: The reason you want to wrap it air tight is so it won't shrivel & shrink.
I wrap my soap in cigar bands, and strong fabric like tissue paper.

But I make CP soap... I know MP has to be fully covered.

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