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heather s

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Feb 24, 2014
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I signed up for a large event locally. It is my first large craft show and the booth was expensive. The show is in a few weeks.
After sending my application I never heard back. I got in touch to ask if I was accepted as my check had been cashed and I was told yes.
I have not heard anything since then. Should I be expecting anything such as booth location, set up times, tickets to the event (two are supposed to be included in the booth fee).
I emailed a few days ago and asked if I would be hearing from them and got no reply.
What should I expect from a large show like this?


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Apr 17, 2014
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New England
All craft fair organizers are not created equal! There are really good ones, and unfortunately, really bad ones too. Good ones will respond promptly to emails. When you were told you had been accepted, it would have been nice if they had told you when to expect your acceptance letter. Every craft fair is different, but usually within a couple of weeks of the fair, you should get a letter telling you where your space is, what time you can set up, if it's possible to set up the night before, where you should park, if it's at a school, sometimes students are available to help you set up, whether they offer coffee and donuts during set up, sometimes a ticket for a free cup of coffee, sometimes they will include a couple of flyers you can post at work or wherever, and they should let you know about any other rules and conditions. Some craft fairs do not allow you to leave early if you sell out, for instance.

As you do more craft fairs, you will get to know which are the good ones, and what their organizers are like. In my area, there is an organizer who does many of the bigger shows, and unfortunately, my experiences at her fairs have been so awful, that I won't do any more of them. But there are really wonderful ones out there too, who do everything they can to make the vendors experience a good one. Good luck to you at your first event!!! :-D