What to do with Dragon's Blood resin?

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Aug 15, 2015
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So I've been hearing about Dragon's Blood FO and was planning on trying it until I heard that it is actually a resin...well the herbalist in me started researching it and I want to try it. So I ordered an ounce of the resin and I have several questions:
How do I infuse it in OO, powder it or in chunks?
Do I heat the oil or cold infuse it, should I use the excaliber or a quick heat on the stovetop?
Will it turn my oil red?
How much oil should I use for one ounce?
Anyone have any experience with trace issues in CP?
I use DB's infused resin quite often and I can say I never notice a scent. I usually keep a bottle of the infused oil for adding red. It is quite a dark red
That's a shame because it's because of everyone's love of the smell that it caught my eye to begin with. I have seen reviews that said it doesn't smell like the FO, but does have a sweet scent which I was fine with.
I envisioned a loaf with black and red (planned on added red oxide) with some chunky swirls...

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